"Sometimes as I am sitting here in the computer room I feel someone flip the back of my hair. The first time I felt it I thought my husband had came in without me hearing him and did it. I looked back and no one was there. It was so real! Other times it feels like someone runs their finger softly across the back of my neck. I have short hair..
I was telling a friend about this. She said that I should try to take a picture behind me when this happens. A few evenings later I again felt my hair being lightly flipped. I reached over and picked up the camera and turned it on. Turned it around held it above my head with my thumbs pointing down and on my head (camera about 2 - 3 inches above my head, I have long nails) and snapped a picture. I looked at it and it was blurry and dark. I thought, crap, I forgot to turn on the flash.
I turned it on and snapped 4 more pictures. Held the camera the same way.. I looked at the pictures and thought maybe the first one was my hair. But my hair wasn't sticking up like that in the back. I caught a cold while on vacation and had been sick with it and my hair was flat on my head!(not a pretty sight!) Then looked at the other 4 pictures. I know what I see isn't the movement of the camera. (I have the camera set to Auto) Because wouldn't the rest of the picture be distorted too?? Not just in one spot! Right??
I have used this camera for over a year and have had some messed up pictures but the whole picture was a mess! Usually just blurry. I have never had anything like this before. It looks like the what ever it was is very strong in the first shot that I thought was my hair.
Then it gets a bit dimmer with each of the other shots. Till the last shot when it is gone! These were all taken with in about 5-10 seconds! I took them just as fast as the camera would take them.. The bluish thing at the bottom of the pictures is the top of my chair...Thanks Carole.

Let Peace River Ghost Tracker know what you think about these photos.  Notice the position of the anomaly as it seems to be moving away as the pictures progress. Has anyone else ever captured photos like these?