Historic Home
Punta Gorda, Florida
2/24/10, 3/2/10, 3/12/10
Private Door


The location is a single family home which was built in 1926. It is located in the downtown historic section of Punta Gorda. No historical information was obtained. But there has been one confirmed death in the home from cancer.

At the time of our investigations, the home had 1 adult and 3 teens living there. Because this is a private residence, most of the information has been asked to be kept confidential.
Duration - 3 separate evenings
Present - Scott, Sprout, Mikey and Thomas
Meter Readings
Temp - 69 to 71
EMF - no significant readings
Tools -4 IR cameras
digital cameras
tri-field meter
audio recorders
thermal imaging camera
dowsing rods

History of Haunting:

* Even though we didn't find much past history of the home, we did learn that a past owner of the home said that when she lived there 2 ½ years prior to hurricane Charley there was no activity. But when the home was sold and was being restored. The contractor said that the home had creepy noises, particularly in the kitchen. He also found the front porch light would come on and off.
The family has all heard on a regular basis, someone walking on the back porch with either the sound of the door rattling or key trying to opening it.
Also the sound of pounding on the roof and banging on the wall has been heard.
On a regular basis they will hear someone walking through the house on the wood floors with heavy footsteps.
They have heard the sound of something “shushing” and both the front and back door opened at the same time.
The sound of something heavy is being dropped on the living room coffee table.
The family dog would walk in circles and whine in the eldest boy’s room. In this room also, it was witness that a surfboard on the wall started to shake violently.
In the youngest boys room, he would hear whispering and a sound like a breath coming out of the area where a drum set located in the room. He has also seen something white in the room.
Mom also had an experience while in bed. She had the feeling of pressure on her chest and couldn’t get up.
The daughter was in Moms room and saw what looked like a little blonde haired boy at the end of the bed. The boy then ran off.
Personal Experiences:
* We did not have any personal experiences.
* We heard loud noises that sounded like what the residents were experiencing, but found that it was coming from the refrigerator. The home also had the original wood floors which made sounds that could be associated with what they were hearing.
* We did three investigations at this location. On our first we did not obtain any hard evidence but the family continued to experience activity.

We returned with our friend Thomas and his psychic impression told us that there wasn’t a Spirit actually haunting the house. There is a Spirit but the Spirit was traveling between point A and point B and the house happened to be in the way. Thomas did a cleansing and blessing on the home with boundaries put up to redirect the Spirit around the home instead of through it.

We heard back from the family a short time later and all activity has stopped