The Myrtles Plantation
St. Francisville, Louisiana

Myrtles Front History:

The Myrtles Plantation, circa 1796, was built by General David Bradford. It has been regarded as one of America's most haunted houses. When we started to do research we contacted Marleen from another paranormal investigative group called GHG and she said that it seems that all documented history is very questionable and inaccurate. Whether the history is correct or not, there still seems to be some sort of activity there due to all the claims of visitors.

We had the opportunity and stayed at The Myrtles 3 nights in April of 2004. Every night we stayed in a different room so it gave us a better chance to experience something. We had a great time.

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Duration - 3 nights in 3 different rooms
Present - Scott and Sprout
Meter Readings
Temp - 65 to 75
EMF - .02mg -
Tools -4 IR cameras
3 Hi-8 video cameras
digital cameras
35mm cameras
gauss meter
tri-field meter
audio recorders

History of Haunting:

* Where do we begin with the activity that has been reported. * People have seen and photographed handprints in the mirror in the foyer. We even saw some incredible apparition photos taken by other guests.
* Footsteps on the stairs have been heard and connected to William Winter who was shot on the front porch and staggered through house onto the staircase in the main hallway. He then managed to climb to the 17th step and died. It has since been claimed that ghostly footsteps have been heard coming into the house, walking to the stairs and then climbing to the 17th step where they, of course, come to an end.
* Strange smells and moved objects.
* The most popular story is of Chloe. Chloe was the main slave to the Woodruff family and was caught eavesdropping on the Woodruff family's private conversations. Judge Woodruff ordered that one of her ears be cut off to teach her a lesson. After that, she always wore a turban around her head. Some time later Chloe put a small amount of oleander flower, which is a type of poison, into a birthday cake for one of the daughters. It is thought that Chloe believed the family would just get sick and then she could nurse them back to health and earn the Judge's gratitude. Later that day because of too much poison, Mrs. Woodruff and her 2 children died. The other slaves, afraid that they would also be punished, took Chloe and hanged her from a nearby tree. Her Spirit is said to still roam the house and even a photo of her has been captured.
* Children have been heard, seen, felt and also photographed.
Personal Experiences:
* One thing we encountered was the second night in the caretakers cottage, we heard something tapping on the bathroom window. Other people we met who stayed in the Bradford suite had activity every night.
* Scott tripped on the staircase and then realized after counting that it was on the 17th step.
* We did not get any video or EVP’s of any significance. But did some interesting photos outside of the caretakers cottage. The first one is an orb in motion and the second is mist.
Myrtles Orb
Myrtles Orb
* This picture was taken by Sprout shortly after we arrived. The second photo is the cropped version. What we see in this photo is a black woman who is pulling the curtain back and is looking to her right. People at this location seem to get many apparition photos during the day.
Myrtles Orb
Myrtles Orb Crop
* This is very strange…… In the morning, a mother and daughter told us that they spent the night in the Ruffin-Sterling room and could not sleep all night due to the noises coming out of the bathroom. In the morning they found something strange in the bathtub. I took a sample of this stuff which was the consistency of jelly. When we arrived home the sample was missing and didn't turn up until a year later. It was found in the front pocket of a soft cooler that we had used many times and never seen it in there. This is something I still can’t explain. Has anyone ever came across a substance like this or know of someone who can test it?
Myrtles Tub