Tavern On The Bay
St. Augustine, Florida
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Tavern on the Bay is a privately owned restaurant in a Victorian home overlooking the bayfront of historic downtown Saint Augustine.

The tavern was once the private home of William Diskmuits, built in 1917. Mr. Diskmuits was the first president of Florida National Bank.

It is thought that during the building of the Castillo, this location was probably an open house area used for construction storage or kilns for the making of tabby, a cement mixture of lime and crushed oyster shells.

In 1740, the area where you are sitting was in turmoil, as residents rushed to seek refuge inside the fort from the invading British. The redcoats landed and immediately places the Castillo de San Marcos under a siege that lasted a starving 38 days. During the Civil War, this area was occupied first by Confederates and secondly by Union troops. In the years following the Civil War, maps indicate there were a couple of Flimsy clapboard structures on this site which were most likely barns or single room dwellings.

In the 1890's the Bennett Hotel was built at this location and remained in operation until the 1950's.

When Warner Brothers filmed "Distant Drums," a 1950's movie about the Seminole War, the movie executives made their headquarters at the Bennett Hotel. Gary Cooper, the star of the movie was lodged on this site during filming.
Duration - 2 hours
Present - Scott and Sprout with guests Chris, Georgia, Scott and Kent.
Tools - digital cameras
35mm cameras
audio recorders

History of Haunting:

* Georgia an employee and friend of PRGT got us permission for a tour/ mini investigation. We met after hours with Kent who is the overnight maintenance man to have a tour and hear of the past experiences there.
Georgia had told us of the time she was locked in the upstairs woman’s bathroom and after trying so hard to get out, the door just simply opened.
Sounds and movement are noticed in the attic.
Personal Experiences:
* I (Sprout) had used the upstairs bathroom that night and about a half hour later it was noticed that one of the bulbs had burnt out. Kent says he is constantly changing bulbs in there. That one had been changed the night before.
* We all went up into the attic where some past activity had occurred in which nothing did until we came back down. The chandelier that hangs at the top up the staircase was swinging back and forth about 5 inches each way and did this for quite some time. I would say it lasted a good 10 minutes. We had no video recorders with us at the time to capture this, but it sure was great to see! We did go back upstairs to try and recreate this but it didn’t happen again. Below is a picture of the chandelier.