St. Cloud, Florida
St. Cloud House


The 2 story home was built in 1910.

Due to the clients request for confidentiality. We can only share a limited amount of information.

At the time of the original request for an investigation, there were 5 adults and one young child living in the house.
Duration - 5:00pm-12:00am
Present - Scott, Sprout, Lori and Craig
Meter Readings
Temp - 79 to 85
EMF - varied and above normal
see report below
Tools 5 Hi-8 video cameras
digital cameras
thermal imaging camera
gauss meter
audio recorders
dowsing rods

History of Haunting:

* The owner moved into the house in May of 2009 and the remainder of the residents arrived between June and July. The 5 people that live there are all deaf. They all communicate through American Sign Language. The 6 year old girl who also lives there can hear. All activity seems to have started shortly after they moved in.
Even thou they are deaf they feel the vibrations of sound. They feel the sound is cabinets banging and footsteps. The 6 year old confirms that is what she hears.
One resident saw a ghost in the closet but couldn’t see the face.
Client "S", who has limited hearing by the use of hearing aids, has also heard voices.
Client "S" has felt a cold breeze on her legs while on the computer.
Client "O" has witnessed a white mist when he opened the bathroom door.
Many have witnessed a dark shadow in the hallway to the bathroom.
2 people have witnessed a white mist on the staircase.
Client "M" and Client "S" have both seen a dark shadow walk pass them while sitting in their rooms at their computers. One room is downstairs and one is upstairs.
Client "G" and Client "M" have witnessed a dark hooded figure with red eyes.
There is a bad smell both upstairs and downstairs which they all have witnessed and claim it is constant. It was compared to something dead.
Personal Experiences:
* Our group did not have any personal experiences during this investigation, except for the feelings of dizziness, nausea, headaches and skin crawling. These feeling were later found to not be paranormal in origin.
St. Cloud House Stairs
During this investigation we were able to disprove many of the paranormal claims the residents had.

The EMF in the home is off the scale. A normal house usually registers between 0.mg to 2.5 mg. We believe this is due to the small 100 amp electrical panel in the home which was fine when the home was built in 1910. Now there is an over abundance of electrical equipment which consists of a computer in each bedroom, 2 TV’s in each room and several window A/C units through out the house. The EMF is bleeding through.

Middle of the kitchen .05mg
Doorway to backroom 8.0mg
Backroom wall behind fridge 3.mg to 30.mg
Exterior wall of the backroom had an unbelievable reading that registered past 199.mg on our meter.
When we went into the backroom we all felt dizzy, nauseous and got a headache.
Bedroom next to the kitchen 8.5mg to 57.mg
Stairs and upstairs bathroom .05 mg to 1.5mg
Upstairs back bedroom by air conditioner 12.mg
Upstairs front bedroom by computer 37.5mg

We did find a damaged/frayed extension cord which was powering an A/C unit. This A/C unit was a 220 volt unit which was being powered by two 110 volt extension cords. There also wasn’t any ground. Sicknesses have also afflicted all the residents, including one who spent 3 days in the hospital. She now believes this could have been attributed to the high EMF.
Some people have a Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity or they can get EMF poisoning. There are many symptoms including, sleep disorders, headaches, vision problems, sensitive skin, dizziness, racing heartbeat, anxiety, agitation, chest pain, paranoia, feelings of being watched, nausea, irritability and a sense of dread.
Some things that can cause this to happen are over exposure to TV monitors, computer monitors, cell phones and other electrical devices

The vibrations of sounds, some were thought to be footsteps were easy to explain. Walking up the stairs could be heard and felt down in the kitchen. Walking in different parts of the house also caused vibrations. While there we did notice that thunder did vibrate the house and also a big diesel truck that went down the uneven concrete street caused Craig's camera inside the kitchen to vibrate. Momma cat and her kittens in the bathroom also knocked and vibrated the door. Entering the bedroom right next to the backroom with the kitchen entrance, it was noticed that the floor makes a popping sound and moves the microwave cart a little. Craig's recorder was on the computer desk in the upstairs bedroom, when ever the two dogs became restless and started moving around it sounded like their cages were hitting the desk causing it to possibly hit the back of the wall.
We also believe the constant bad smell could be a combination of their unfiltered well water and pets (3 dogs, 1 cat and 5 kittens). The past owner had also had a problem with rats so there also could be a dead animal under the home. We were later told that the pluming may also need to be updated including a water heater flush.
Final overview
In our opinion we believe there is no paranormal activity in this location. We also believe the occupants will continue to have paranormal like activity and sickness until the problems are fixed in the home. This investigation was special and we enjoyed it due to the fact that it is not every day we get a chance to help out people who have disabilities like the good folks in this house.