Spanish Military Hospital
St. Augustine, Florida
Spanish Military Hospital


The Spanish Military Hospital Museum building is a reconstruction of a Military Hospital that stood on this site during the Second Spanish Colonial Period, 1784-1821. Showcased in the museum are areas of Military Hospital life you would have experienced had you been a patient in 1791.

It consists of a few rooms which are recreations.
The mourning room which Equipped with the Priest's tools for blessing the patient before death occurred. The surgeons room which holds tools of the trade. The ward room is where the patients were kept. There is also an apothecary which is now what we would call a pharmacy.
If your in St. Augustine please go on one of their tours.
We were very happy to be invited back to the hospital to re-investigate. We would again like to thank Diane for the opportunity to obtain more evidence of paranormal activity to further our research. Again we were happy to have Chris from Ancient City Tours along with us to assist in the investigation, his historical knowledge and friendship. Our past investigation was 6/18/05 and we found much activity which we felt needed to be restudied, so we returned to gather more evidence.
Duration - 12:15am-4:02am
Present - Scott, Sprout, Lori and Toni. Also guest Georgia and Scott.
Meter Readings
Temp - Base temperature in ward room was 70-73 and through out building was 69-73.
EMF - varied
Tools -4 IR cameras
3 Hi-8 video cameras
digital cameras
35mm cameras
gauss meter
audio recorders

History of Haunting:

* There have been so many different accounts of activity in this location with new stories being told constantly. We have listed just a few of the numerous tales.
Footsteps are heard both downstairs and upstairs.
Bucket in ward room moved across the room during a evening ghost tour.
People have been touched, scratched and even bit on more than one occasion.
Strange smells
Full bodied apparitions have been seen inside and also outside the building.
Doors open and close by themselves. The front door has been unlocked by unseen hands many times. * Objects have been thrown at people.
Personal Experiences:
* 1:03am After doing initial EMF/temp sweep we all took a break outside and we witnessed the smell of cigar smoke.
Chris and Scott felt a cold spot in the ward room. Pyrometer was not available at the time to register temp change.
1:35am and 1:40am Chris had felt a breeze go across his face, Toni inspected and found no vents or anything to cause this.
Unexplained noises were heard through out the night, but always from a room no one was in at the time.
While being in the lobby area Scott, Sprout and Lori saw a orb shoot across the ceiling above Toni’s head. We tried to recreate this anomaly but couldn’t, this was pretty fascinating to see. Lori had also gotten a picture of this orb, but due to a new camera she was unfamiliar with the settings and accidentally lost all the investigation photos she took.
After we shut down the equipment and was putting stuff away, we noticed that the dowsing rods that were hanging off the counter were swinging. They continued to swing for about 10 minutes.
* In the mourning room at 12:46 am we distinctly hear a EVP, a man say a very cheerful "Hello".
Click on location photo to hear.

Mourning Room
* In Ward room at 1:52am Scott asks the question “Is it because there’s somebody here that you don’t care for” And the EVP of the Spirit says “Everybody”.
Click on location photo to hear.

SMH Everybody
At 2:02 we had a series of EVP’s
* 2:02:29 “Help me”
Click on location photo to hear.

* 2:02:40 “Hurry up” We didn’t put this one online due to the fact that it was too hard to hear. We do not like to alter our EVP’s
2:02:48 We then got “Help, hurry up, help me”
Click on location photo to hear.

Hurry Up
* Scott’s impression of a Spirit in mourning room.
Scott felt as though there was a spirit of a Spanish man who had his left leg amputated. He was running a high fever with a wash cloth on his forehead. There is also his wife dressed in black sitting at his side and he is in so much pain that he can’t even feel her holding his hand. He is in his 30’s and his biggest regret was that he never had any children.
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