Spanish Military Hospital
St. Augustine, Florida
Spanish Military Hospital


In about the 1580’s at the location of which is now the A1A ale works restaurant was the First Parish Church.
The Churchyard or cemetery encompassed a whole city block which extends to the location of the Spanish military hospital. But in 1586, Francis Drake pillaged and burned the city and church to the ground and the town rebuilt the church.

In 1668 the city was plundered by English privateer Robert Searle and most of the inhabitants were killed.

Again, the parish church was destroyed when Carolina Governor James Moore attacked and burned the city in 1702.
The property then held a stable for many years until William Watson built a home and lived there during St. Augustine’s British reign 1763-1784.

Because of the second Treaty of Paris Florida was under Spanish control again from 1784 to 1821. During this time the Royal Hospital of our Lady Guadalupe was built. Hospital West was located where the Potters Wax museum is and Hospital East is where the current Spanish military hospital now sits.

So between Indian villages located 5 blocks South and North of the building, various raids, a cemetery, death and dying in a hospital, we now know why there is still Spirits hanging around to gain acknowledgement.
Duration - 10:00pm-4:30am
Present - Scott, Sprout, Lori, Craig and guests Mikey, Jerry, Heather, Jason and Susan
Meter Readings
Temp - 72 to 75
EMF - .2mg to 1.5mg
Tools -4 IR cameras
3 Hi-8 video cameras
digital cameras
thermal camera
gauss meter
tri-field meter
audio recorders
dowsing rods

History of Haunting:

* The week after this investigation seemed to stir up the activity which had been calm for quite some time. Beds 1 and 2 in the ward room had been pulled away from the wall at an angle by at least 8 inches. The table in between them had also been moved and it this process the Crucifix had been knocked down onto the floor.
There have been so many different accounts of activity in this location with new stories being told constantly. We have listed just a few of the numerous tales below.
Footsteps are heard both downstairs and upstairs.
Bucket in ward room moved across the room during a evening ghost tour.
People have been touched, scratched and even bit on more than one occasion.
Strange smells
Full bodied apparitions have been seen inside and also outside the building.
Doors open and close by themselves. The front door has been unlocked by unseen hands many times.
Objects have been thrown at people.
A guest had been scratch bad enough to bleed
Sound of someone running in the office when office is known to be empty.
A woman in black attire has been seen in the hospital and she does not like other women being around.
Personal Experiences:
* The greatest experience we had during our whole day and evening in St. Augustine was the time spent investigating with famed New York best selling author Heather Graham and her son Jason Pozzessere.
At 2:15am a very loud crack is heard from the chair in the corner by the table in the apothecary. It's possible the sound we heard was of the chair being moved.
2:22am Heather was in the apothecary room sitting on the bench when something startled her by touching her.
At 2:49am while a few in the group were coming back into the building. Lori felt something touch the left side of her neck while walking into the ward room.
At 3:04 Scott was laying on the bed in the mourning room doing a session in which he was putting himself in the place of a dying soldier. During this time he was asking someone to let them know they were there by holding his hand. He got his response when someone grasped his hand.
* 12:37am in the surgeons room. We captured 33 seconds of what sounds to be someone moving objects/opening cabinets and the sound of footsteps. No one was in the building at this time. This is the only camera that picked up this audio when two more cameras were within 15 feet of the room.
Click on location photo to hear.

Surgeons Room
* 2:23am In the Apothecary we captured what we believe a Spirit voice saying "Yeah" The voice is very close to the camera and louder than all in the room. Prior to this we had heard what sounded like the chair in the corner being moved. We were in the process of marking the chair for movement.
Click on location photo to hear.

Apothecary Chair
* At 2:32am in the Apothecary Scott is using dowsing rods to communicate with the Spirits. After he asks the question "Are there any Spirits in the building right now?" We get a direct response from a Spirit saying "Juan" or "One". You can even see the dowsing rods open and close as he asks the question.
Click on location photo to watch.

Apothecary Dowsing
* At 2:34am during the same dowsing rod session.15 seconds after Scott asks the question "Does the Spirit travel from room to room?" We get a direct response from a Spirit saying "We do". Note: You can see Scott's dowsing rods swinging back and forth...and it's not Scott doing it.
Click on location photo to watch.

NOTE: Between 2:15am and 2:34am (19 minutes) we heard a chair move and received 3 EVP's in the apothecary. Our group is very excited to be able to get this much evidence so closely together. This was also the first time we ever gathered any evidence from this room. The apothecary is the same room and the corner area where employee Susan has recently started to feel uncomfortable.
These are some random photo's from our investigation.

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Jason Heather Heather and Scott The Boys Duck Heather
Sawyer Mikey Heather and Jason More Boys PRGT and Heather