Spanish Military Hospital
St. Augustine, Florida
Spanish Military Hospital


The Spanish Military Hospital Museum building is a reconstruction of a Military Hospital that stood on this site during the Second Spanish Colonial Period, 1784-1821. Showcased in the museum are areas of Military Hospital life you would have experienced had you been a patient in 1791.

It consists of a few rooms which are recreations.
The mourning room which Equipped with the Priest's tools for blessing the patient before death occurred.
The surgeons room which holds tools of the trade.
The ward room is where the patients were kept.
There is also an apothecary which is now what we would call a pharmacy.
If your in St. Augustine please go on one of their tours.

A special Thank you to Diane for the opportunity to investigate the hospital. Thank you to Chris and Lucas from Ancient city tours, for accompanying us on our investigation and sharing all your knowledge on the local history.
Duration - 4 hours
Present - Scott, Sprout, Chris, Lucas and friend
Meter Readings
Temp - 74 to 75
EMF - varied
Tools - 2 Hi-8 video cameras
2 digital cameras
gauss meter
non-contact thermometer
tape recorder

History of Haunting:

* There have been so many different accounts of activity in this location with new stories being told constantly. We have listed just a few of the numerous tales.
Footsteps are heard both downstairs and upstairs.
Bucket in ward room moved across the room during a evening ghost tour.
People have been touched, scratched and even bit on more than one occasion.
Strange smells
Full bodied apparitions have been seen inside and also outside the building.
Doors open and close by themselves. The front door has been unlocked by unseen hands many times. * Objects have been thrown at people.
Personal Experiences:
* Scott, Sprout, Chris and Lucas were outside taking a break. Scott went in to change a tape in the lobby and came out very quickly. He said he had a sweet taste in his mouth and his lips and inside of his mouth were going numb. Chris said it sounded like “clove oil” which was used in dental procedures. About an hour later when we went into the apothecary Chris lifted up a bottle on the table and noticed it was wet underneath it. The bottle was clove oil. Chris and Lucas also noticed that the bottles on the table had been rearranged, rearrangement could have happened before we arrived due to initial photos taken in the apothecary. Scott felt this was an incredible sign from spirit and he was very excited to be able to experience it.
Equipment was sitting on a long bench seat in the lobby when a pile of stuff fell over when no one was near it. Not confirmed if paranormal or not.
Side note: Scott’s sensitive sense told him the spirit said…The chair and the desk should be on the other side of the bed. Spirit also said the candle should be lit and always be lit. Scott said this out loud and Chris was stunned…he said the candle was always left lit so if a patient woke up he would see the candle and feel safe and know he was still alive.

* Scott was laying on bed in the mourning room doing EVP work. He started to ask questions and his EMF meter spiked. He got a EVP which we believe says “ sitting here” it seems to have a British accent.

Click on location photo to hear.

Mourning Room
* In the ward room you will see Scott sitting on the bed and putting his EMF meter down facing out. When Lucas says he going in the other room you will hear the EMF meter will spike and register sound at the same time an orb will go by in the lower right side of the screen.
Click on location photo to see.

Ward Room Orb
* We reviewed some of the tapes and found 2 more EVP’s. The first says "check over here" and the second one says "We should go and see.
Click on location photo to hear.
Click on location photo to hear.
Ward Room
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