Spanish Military Hospital
St. Augustine, Florida
Spanish Military Hospital


The Spanish Military Hospital Museum building is a reconstruction of a Military Hospital that stood on this site during the Second Spanish Colonial Period, 1784-1821. Showcased in the museum are areas of Military Hospital life you would have experienced had you been a patient in 1791.

It consists of a few rooms which are recreations.
The mourning room which Equipped with the Priest's tools for blessing the patient before death occurred. The surgeons room which holds tools of the trade. The ward room is where the patients were kept. There is also an apothecary which is now what we would call a pharmacy.
If your in St. Augustine please go on one of their tours.
We were very happy to be invited back to the hospital to re-investigate for the third time. We would again like to thank Diane for the opportunity to obtain more evidence of paranormal activity to further our research.
Duration - 11:00pm-4:16am
Present - Scott, Sprout, Lori, Toni, Tom (in training), tour guide Chris and guest David (film student)
Meter Readings
Temp - 57 to 58
EMF - .5mg-2.0mg
Tools -4 IR cameras
2 Hi-8 video cameras
digital cameras
35mm cameras
dowsing rods
tri-field meter
audio recorders

History of Haunting:

* There have been so many different accounts of activity in this location with new stories being told constantly. We have listed just a few of the numerous tales on our past investigation reports at the Spanish Military Hospital. Toni had asked Chris to please re-cap other paranormal experiences that had been reported since our team had been there. Here is a list of events he mentioned:
Chris began by telling Toni about someone on the tour earlier that evening, on the last tour of the night. A guest had been scratch bad enough to bleed Toni asked who, how, where and why and all Chris could say was the person was scratched in the Ward Room.
Sound of someone running in the office when office is known to be empty.
Chris and a friend had recently attempted their own investigation and they experienced loud and hard footsteps “stomping” up the stairs to the office.
He mentioned the bucket moving across the floor in the Ward Room.
A woman in black attire has been seen in the hospital and she does not like other women being around.
Doors open and close by themselves. The front door has been unlocked by unseen hands many times. * Objects have been thrown at people.
Personal Experiences:
* Toni said: Scott told me to walk into the Mourning room and tell him what I felt. As soon as I walked through the door I felt a powerful “squeeze” around my rib cage. What I felt was the pressures of the room suddenly change and I felt as though my lungs were being constricted. I tried to get a good breath and found I could do nothing but gasp for air. As I gasped for air it felt like someone was blowing in my face or like someone placed a very hot rag over my face and the steam and heat sucked my breath away. This whole event took place in less than 30 seconds. Once outside, Scott explained that he had gone into the room before me and felt a rather angry presence and he wanted to see if I felt it as well. He was very apologetic for sending me into the room with no warning but I will let it be known that NO apology is needed. I would do it all over again in a heart beat! THANKS SCOTT! Seriously, I thank you for the experience.
Scott, Toni and Lori went into the Ward room to do some EVP work. Toni and Scott went to lay down in the beds and Lori sat on the floor. Scott was trying to do a recreation of a soldier in pain calling for a doctor and during this time 2 things happened. First Toni smelled a bad smell like old dirty stale sheets. She said it wasn’t coming from the bed but from above her. Second thing was that Lori began to cough a little like she had a tickle in her throat. The cough became louder and harder to the point of almost choking. She was led out of the building before she threw up and as soon as she got outside she was all better. She is still unsure if this was a paranormal event.
Toni’s camera that was upstairs had a dead battery after only an hour. After returning home the battery was charged 3 times but no longer worked. The camera had only been used 3 times.
* 2:56 am In the following video you will see four cameras showing that no one is in the building. During this time we captured on camera 1 in the lobby a EVP of footsteps that sounds like boots on the wood floor. They cross the lobby, latch a door and then walk away.
Click on location photo to see video.
Footsteps Video
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