Spanish Military Hospital
St. Augustine, Florida
Spanish Military Hospital


The Spanish Military Hospital Museum building is a reconstruction of a Military Hospital that stood on this site during the Second Spanish Colonial Period, 1784-1821. Showcased in the museum are areas of Military Hospital life you would have experienced had you been a patient in 1791.
It consists of a few rooms which are recreations.
The mourning room which Equipped with the Priest's tools for blessing the patient before death occurred. The surgeons room which holds tools of the trade. The ward room is where the patients were kept. There is also an apothecary which is now what we would call a pharmacy.
If your in St. Augustine please go on one of their tours.
We were very happy to be invited back to the hospital to re-investigate for the third time. We would again like to thank Diane for the opportunity to obtain more evidence of paranormal activity to further our research. Additional history of the building can be found on the Ancient City tours web site. Here is the link.
Duration - 12:35am – 3:30am
Present - Scott, Sprout, Lori, Toni, Tom, Craig and honorary member Chris.
Meter Readings
Temp - 67 to 69
EMF Lobby- .02mg to 3.0mg This is due to electrical wiring.
Mourning room- 1.4mg to 3.0mg This is due to electrical panel in corner
of room and wires running under the floor under the bed.
Surgeons room- .01mg to 3.0mg High to due wall shared with lobby.
Ward- .02mg to 2.0mg High due to an alarm panel.
Apothecary and Command center a steady 0.2mg
Tools -3 IR cameras
3 Hi-8 video cameras
digital cameras
mini disk
gauss meter
tri-field meter
audio recorders
dowsing rods

History of Haunting:

* Footsteps are heard both downstairs and upstairs.
Bucket in ward room moved across the room during a evening ghost tour.
People have been touched, scratched and even bit on more than one occasion.
Strange smells
Full bodied apparitions have been seen inside and also outside the building.
Doors open and close by themselves. The front door has been unlocked by unseen hands many times.
Objects have been thrown at people.
Additional history of haunting of the building is located on the pages of our past investigations at the Spanish Military Hospital.
Click HERE to view the report of haunted history.
Personal Experiences:
* Sprout felt ill when entering the building upon arrival.
Lori walked into the ward and began to gag while setting up equipment.
While kneeling at the center bed in the ward writing notes during EMF/Temp sweep, Toni became very ill and felt like she would vomit. This feeling lasted until Toni moved away from the bed.
Toni and Sprout both smelled baked bread in the ward room while setting up cameras.
Toni smelled the baking bread smell again in the command room.
1:21am in surgeons room the temp in room got very cold but the pyrometer read 71-74F. Original reading was 68F which it return to at 1:27
3:16am Scott in surgeon room with vertigo/ extreme dizziness.
Evidence: Both pieces of evidence were captured in the lobby.
* 1:59 Craig asks “Are you comfortable in here.” and the Spirit answers “yes”.
Click on location photo to hear.

Spanish Military Hospital Evp Yes
Amplified version
* 2:21 Craig says in Spanish “Como esta” and the Spirit answers “ Thank you too”.
Click on location photo to hear.
Spanish Military Hospital Evp Thank You
Amplified version