Sorrel-Weed House and carriage house
Savannah, Georgia
Sorrel Weed Front Sorrel Weed Carriage History: The Sorrel-Weed House is one of the most significant houses in Historic Savannah. It was built in 1837 by Charles Cluskey, a most highly acclaimed architect of his time. It's 16 thousand square feet makes it the largest house in Savannah.
One distinguished member of the Sorrel family was Gilbert Moxley Sorrel, known as Moxley. Young Moxley was a bank clerk in Savannah when the Civil War began. He fought with the Confederates, served as one of Lee's lieutenants, was wounded three times by age of 26 and was the youngest to hold the rank of brigadier general. Later the house was owned by the Weed family. The Sorrel-Weed House was designated a state landmark in 1953, the first house in Georgia to be so honored. The house is also a National Trust Historic Landmark.

Mr. Francis Sorrel was originally from the island of Hispaniola and fled during the slave revolt of 1793. He was born with the name François which he then changed to the English pronunciation of Francis when he came to America. He was guilt ridden because he left behind his mother who died shortly after he left. Francis was only a quarter black so when he came to the Southern states he was able to pass himself off as being white. He didn’t want this to be known due to the fact of the prejudice against blacks at that time. This was how he married his Virginia blueblood wife Lucinda and after she died he married her sister Matilda.

It 1861 is thought that Mr. Francis Sorrel was having an affair with one of his slaves named Molly. When his wife Matilda caught them, she jumped to her death from the second floor porch of the main house. And as the story goes, two weeks later Molly was found hung from the rafters of her room in the carriage house. This may be the reason for some of the hauntings on this property.
Duration - 1:30am-5:00am
Present - Scott and Sprout with guests Jesse and Carrie. Also guest and tour guide Katrina.
Special Guests - Before starting our evening investigation we had a ghost tour given by Terry and Katrina. We invited Lisa and Heidi Wyrick from “A haunting in Georgia” and Joyce Cathey author of “The Veil, Heidi Wyrick’s Story”. Also present was Dave Schrader from “Darkness radio”
Meter Readings
Temp - varied
EMF - .02 At 2:25am there was a EMF spike of 2mg by the back entrance of the basement.
Tools -4 IR cameras
2 Hi-8 video cameras
digital cameras
gauss meter
tri-field meter
audio recorders
dowsing rods

History of Haunting:

* The owner Steve Bader said that for 2 to 3 months his original office was in the basement. During that time in his office he had felt agitated and uncomfortable. This room was originally the original kitchen ran by the slaves. It presently represents a recreation of a Voodoo temple room that would have been used in Hispaniola. This room is set up for the sole purpose of entertainment and conducting ghost tours for Old Town Trolley Tours.
Steve reports that in the double parlor on the first floor he has felt hot and cold spots.
Steve now lives on the second floor and on several occasions he has heard what sounds like a party going on downstairs. When he checks there is no one there and the sounds stop. Mr. Sorrel was known for having parties that would start at 4pm and last until the wee hours of the morning.
Steve has also heard in the middle of the night, what sounded like a marching band and bagpipers. During the seize of Savannah a battle was fought on this land and during renovations in the courtyard they found part of a tower.
Past carriage house resident Chris, had heard the voice of a woman talking. He also had heard his name being called.
In the Voodoo room people have had the feeling of being woozy and of someone standing right behind them.
Tour guide Terry said that she had felt someone pulling on her pant leg in the room next to the Voodoo room.
Personal Experiences:
* Thursday two days prior to our investigation we had a daytime tour. While Sprout was getting ready to go up the basement stairs she saw a dark shadow person pass into a doorway. Sprout was then told that this is the same location that tour guide Katrina had also seen a dark shadow.
* At 4:25am while everyone was in the carriage house, Sprout was alone in the courtyard. She again saw this shadow person pass in front of a wall and through a window. Later we found out that a paranormal group, who investigated the night before, caught a possible EVP in this same location.
* At 11:47pm during our ghost tour, the whole group had just come down the stairs in the carriage house when a chair slide landed on the floor as if it had been thrown from upstairs. Katrina said there hasn’t been any furniture in the carriage house in 6 months. If this object wasn’t left behind in this empty room then this could possibly be a paranormal experience called apportal. Apport is when a solid object appears from out of nowhere.
* One report that several people had was that the bathroom door off the dining room would lock and trap them in the bathroom. We found that if you put any pressure on the left side of the door while opening the right it would jam so you couldn’t get out. Temperature and moisture changes could also play a part in this. This disproved any claims of paranormal activity.
* At 2:39:35am in the upstairs of the carriage house we captured a sound that resembles someone running or falling down a flight of stairs.
Click on location photo to see.

Sorrel Weed Running
* At 3:18:53 thru 3:19:16 we captured 2 people talking. It sounds like a woman and a man with deep southern accents. We cannot be absolutely certain of what is being said in this conversation. No one was in the area at this time.
Click on location photo to hear.

Sorrel Weed Talking
* At 3:43:56 while Scott was asking questions during a dowsing rod session we captured a EVP of a black southern man in a hollow sounding voice, saying “She took my walkin stick”.
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Sorrel Weed Stick