Sanford Home
Sanford, Florida
Sanford Home


The home was built in 1921 with many owners and renters over the years. It is said that a past resident of the home used to hold church services and choir practice in the living room.

Duration - Overnight
Present - Scott, Sprout, Lori and Alex. With Guests from Local News 6 Mike DeForest and Ulen Hodges.
Meter Readings
Temp - 72 to 77
EMF - 2mg to 5mg
Tools -5 IR cameras
digital cameras
gauss meter
tri-field meter
audio recorders

How it started:

* On 7/21/06 News 6 out of Orlando did a report about a supposed haunted home that was listed for sale. Peace River Ghost Tracker contacted the realtor Ronda Christiansen to inquire if she would like an investigation. We wanted to get either video, audio or photographic evidence to prove the haunting.
Click on the link below to see and read the original News 6 segment advertising the haunted home for sale.
Local News 6- Haunted House For Sale In Central Florida
The first thing we did that afternoon was to disprove the opening door and light flickering in the first news video. That was done within the first 5 minutes of us being in the home. We then left to get some history of the home from the Sanford Museum . Alicia Clarke was very helpful and had everything waiting for us when we got there.
* The next evening our segment was aired on the 6 o’clock news. Here’s the link.
Local News 6 - Ghost Hunters Investigate Central Fla. Home
I had no idea we would get such a response to this News segment. The next day I had to add to our home page of our web site a note to all who viewed the segment. Some proceeded to respond to our e-mail or some of those blog sites picking apart what they saw. What they didn’t see was Mike and Ulen were with us for 3 hours and had to fit everything into a 1 minute slot. The show was produced by them and not us and they put on what they felt was interesting. We feel that they did a great job!
We are skeptical going into an investigation and we try to rule out and explain the natural causes first. For instance we disproved the door opening and the light fixture had a bad ballast which caused the light to flicker. Yes we know that the news showed a dust orb….they were just showing how the cameras work to viewers.
We did kinda get a kick out of what people said on the blog pages and other sites. The dust orb in the video was called a fly or a mouse….lol. They couldn’t “get it” that we disproved the door that kept opening because of a faulty latch, that it wouldn’t stay closed or they couldn’t figure out that the stairs went to the second floor. They compared us with “Ghostbusters” and the reality show “Ghost Hunters”.

History of Haunting:

* These stories were told to us by Ronda who got her information from a past owner. It is thought the spirit in this home was a childless woman who watches over any child in the home and scolds the parents by making her presence known if she believes the child is mistreated.
In 1987 the only time the home was rented by the forth owner, to 3 females occupied the home, a grandmother a mother and a 2 year old girl. The mother told the landlord that She had a “creeped out” feeling in the home. She felt as if someone was always standing in back of her and was afraid she was going to be pushed down the stairs. In January of 1988 the grandmother and mother were preoccupied when they heard a crash of glass come from the living room. They moved out soon after.
The fifth owner “L” had her daughter and 20 month old grandchild come stay with her at the home because her husband was being stationed overseas. One day the baby in her walker, made it to the living room where all of a sudden the baby squealed. “L” and her daughter went running to the French doors where they found they had shut and locked. The doors would not open for at least 30 seconds and when they were about to break the glass the doors opened effortlessly. They felt the spirit was trying to teach them a lesson in which they should keep a better eye on the baby.
Another incident was when “L” son was kicked off the soccer team because of bad grades on his report card. “L” was scolding her son in the living room when the French doors stated banging. They ran out of the home and made a family joke about it saying “Mom you can’s yell at me in the house or she’s going to get mad. So all heated discussions were taken in the backyard after that.
A sister came to stay for the weekend and was put in the upstairs sunroom to spend the night. In the morning “L” went to wake her sister with a nudge and a cup of coffee. Her sister said to “leave me alone” in which “L” wanted to know why. When the sister realized it was “L” s she said that someone had been nudging her all night long and telling me “To get up and get out”. Apparently her sister was a bit of a wild girl and was thought that the spirit didn’t approve of her character.
When the sixth owners “R” and “S” were moving in. “S” and a friend removed all the wooden blinds in the living room and then went to lunch. When they returned they were all hanging up again. At two separate occasions “R” has seen a female spirit watching over him at the foot of the bed and after a moment she disappears. She is described as a woman dressed in a high collar dress from the 1930’s. She is older but not elderly.

One day “R” truck keys went missing and he had to get a ride to work from a friend, when he returned that evening the keys were sitting on the dining room table where he had left them the night before.

Since the home has been the market for sale a mortgage banker sat a cooler on the kitchen counter and watched a cabinet door open and shut firmly right in front of him. He also had been there at night in which he kept hearing strange noises upstairs. When he got there he got scared when he saw his reflection in one of the windows but when he turned around he also saw his reflection in the opposite window but his reflection was going the opposite way that he was standing. It showed him with a full beard in which he hadn’t worn in years. He left quickly right after that. A realtor showing the home claims that a penny sitting on top of the stairs banister was thrown on the floor and when it was replaced, a few minutes latter it happened again.
* During our stay at the home we didn’t experience any personal paranormal activity. But during our review we did catch an unexplainable EVP. While we are all in the dining room area of the home our audio picked up in the upstairs master bedroom what sounds like a woman singing for choir practice. This goes on for 3 minutes and 24 seconds, but it’s hard to hear over our talking. There was 3 mics upstairs with one being in the hall outside of the master bedroom. You can hear us talking on all 3 mics but only the master bedroom mic picked up the singing.

The most audible part is in the first 20 seconds of the recording. The only words we can make out are in the beginning and it sounds like “glory to”. During the full recording she seems to be working on one note that she may be having problems with.
Click on location photo to hear original.
Sanford News
* On 11/14/06 News 6 did a update of our evidence and this is the link.
Local News 6 -Apparent Voice Of Dead Woman Heard On Audiotape
Click on location photo to hear edited.
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