RL Cemetery

Old Hearse


The cemetery was started in the 1960's. It has both in ground burial and also mausoleums. There is also a creek that runs through it which could be putting off energy for the spirits to communicate.
Duration - 12:15am-1:30am
Present - Scott and Sprout
Meter Readings
EMF - 3mg to 4mg
Tools - digital cameras
gauss meter
audio recorders

History of Haunting:

* We have had several different stories told to us about this location by credible witnesses. One was of a huge mass of mist that traveled through the park following the road.
* Also reports of people talking when no one is present.
* There are also many urban legends about this location which have been disprove by speaking with descendants of previous land owners.
Personal Experiences:
* When we were leaving we were on our way to the back parking lot Scott had a frightening experience. He felt as something large flew over him and saw a large shadow it made on the ground. He then got the most terrible feeling over him which he described as so horrible it felt like death. It lasted for several moments until he ran out of that area and shouted for It to leave. At this point we both decided it was time to go.
* When we got into the car I set the EMF meter on the seat. As we were driving out, Scott was telling me again of what had happened and while we pulled thru the exit the EMF meter started to register (3mg to 4mg) Scott stopped the truck and told whatever it was to leave and it still was registering. He told it that he was backing back into the cemetery and to then get out. He did this and the sound stopped and did not start again as we pulled out. Hopefully whatever it was is still back there in the cemetery!

* We parked in the back parking lot and started taking pictures at the baby section. We proceeded to walk along the mausoleum toward the pond when we heard a strange sound which sounded like a duck then a splash into the stream running along us. We jumped about a foot and then Scott took a picture at the area. On returning home to review photos it seems as we had gotten an light blue apparition of a duck.

ghost duck