Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum
St. Augustine, Florida
Haunted Ripleys Believe It Or Not Museum


The building was built in 1887 by William Warden, a winter resident with a family of 16. The family members lived in the castle until 1925. During the next 16 years it sat vacant except for the vagrants that lived there. In 1941 Norton Baskin and his wife Marjorie Kinnan Rawlins bought the castle and turned it into a fashionable hotel called Castle Warden hotel. In 1950 it became the first permanent Ripley’s believe it or not! ® Museum. Much of Mr. Ripley’s never before seen by the public personal collection was put on display here. Unfortunately Mr. Ripley passed away before he could see his dream of this museum come true.

The most notable story about the castle is the story of the fire.
In April of 1944 a fire broke out but was contained to the 3rd and 4th floor. 2 women, Betty Richeson and Ruth Pickering both perished in the fire. The didn’t die from the fire but of smoke inhalation from the deadly fumes. The cause of the fire is still debatable to this day. It may have been a dropped cigarette or it could have been intentionally started to cover up a double murder. Supposedly there were no suspects and are no records to lead to any conclusion.
Duration - Recorded from 10:20pm till 3:26am
Present - Scott, Sprout, Lori, Toni, Tom, Craig also guests Susan and Greg.
Meter Readings
Temp - 65 to 72
EMF - .02mg - 1.mg
Tools -7 IR cameras
3 Hi-8 video cameras
digital cameras
gauss meter
tri-field meter
audio recorders
ultrasonic listener
dowsing rods
mini disc

History of Haunting:

* Music has been heard on several occasions and mainly heard in the room that was once the music room. It has also been reported being heard in the lobby as a employee was leaving.
The gift shop is always left in perfect condition when employees leave at night, but sometimes when employees arrive in the morning, they find many of their items moved around. Example…Clear plastic boxes with toys or candy have been found a unreasonable distance away turned completely upside down.
A 4ft tall stick figure that was sitting on the catwalk was found across the store. There is no way this item could have fallen and landed in the location found.
A sensitive was going up the stairs from the lobby and she took on the persona of a elderly lady. She was bent over and had difficulty walking up the stairs.
Several tour guides and guest have reported the feeling of nausea during the ghost tours. The theater is the main room that this happens.
Sometime in the past, a psychic entered the theater and claimed 2 spirits occupy the theater a nice spirit in one corner and a mean one in the other. Our camera was set up in the corner with the mean one.
A dark shadow is seen in the circus room.
The most recent occurrence has to do with the Buddha statue in the lobby. It has been found turned to the side or even turned around facing the wall.
A door that goes from the parlor with a push button locking device tends to open on it’s own.
Personal Experiences: Everyone in the group had a experience on this investigation.

* Sprout- We did 2 EVP sessions by the moose on the 3rd floor balcony. At 2:28am during the first session I saw a 3 foot shadow shaped like a dark line tilted at a angle. This line came towards me and through the doorway to my left.
Sprout- At 3:00am during the second sitting, I saw quick shadows darting around the ferris wheel and saw 2 different black shadow people on either side of the circus room door on the second floor.
At 2:20am Sprout smelled smoke near the vending machine after coming down from the penthouse.
Scott- 12:17am While sitting in the theater I saw a thin black shadow move into the theater from the exit doorway.
Scott- 2:23 During the EVP session at the moose, I felt like something was around me and then felt like my heart was pounding out of my chest. I got up and approached the Bone room and heard Craig say “he felt chills running up his spine and he felt it in his heart”. At this point I called everyone outside for a break.
Scott smelled fire by the elevator on the 3rd floor during the tear down of equipment.
Lori- While Craig was having a experience in the bone room, I leaned against the display and also feel a prickly, poking sensation on my back and that point I pulled away.
Toni- In the interactive room at one point Tom, Susan and I heard what sounded like a small explosion and a woman screaming. We quickly went into the room with the “gate” and saw nothing out of the ordinary and could not determine what made the noise. Susan radioed Greg and he said it was probably the “Lightening Machine” in the Gate Room. He also said it should not be activated unless someone puts money in it plus it was turned off. Tom, Susan and I tried activating the machine by touch and nothing happened and Susan reached down and unplugged it machine from the wall. I have no idea if it was turned off before she unplugged it. Also note: we had been down in the interactive area for a good 45 mins and it had not activated once during that time.
Toni- While setting up my Hi-8 in the “Music” room, it appeared that my night shot was not working. A “torch light” was brought in for light to record by when it was plugged in it no longer worked. At this point I decided to use the spot light built into the Hi-8 on. I made a comment about if their were any orchestra players in the room then They should prove it by striking up the band. At this point the light on the Hi-8 went out. I can not say it is paranormal of course simply because I was having so many problems with the camera to begin with. So I left the camera recording in darkness thinking audio was better than nothing. NOTE: Upon returning home the torch light worked and also my Hi-8 and the night shot was once again working almost perfect as well as the spot light built into the camera.
Toni- 12:23am While Lori, Sprout, Greg and myself was in the Bone room doing an EVP session I had a moment of severe dizziness and anxiety. I felt as though I was being approached from behind, which was impossible since I was sitting with my back to the wall. It lasted maybe a minute at best. After that the room felt empty.
Toni- At one point, everyone had left the building except for Tom and I. Tom was at the monitor and I was sitting on the stairs with my back to the third floor. Several times I thought I heard foot steps coming from the Bone Room, which was the next floor up and felt like I was being watched. Susan also experienced this at a earlier time that night.
Toni- 2:30am I went to sit with Scott by the moose on the third floor and I immediately began to see shadows moving all about and started to feel very dizzy. I felt like the room was spinning and I was being “pulled” down into the floor beneath me. This was also accompanied by an extreme sense of nausea.
Toni- 3:00 During the second EVP session on the third floor, Scott began his question and answer session and I began to see shadows moving around again. I got this very random and angry thought in my head to tell Scott, “You don’t know”. I turned my head to speak these words and recognized that these were not my words or thoughts and opened my eyes and saw a low dark shadow swirling in front of me pretty much at my feet. I heard something mechanical come on downstairs. It sounded like maybe a TV had turned on and was playing music and was accompanied by what I perceived as a feminine laugh. I saw a shadow moving back and forth on the lower landing, this had no real shape and was very fluid in motion. At one point I did witness the lower landing illuminate as well and sense we were all on the third floor and not using flashlights I can safely say it was not caused by anyone in the building.
Tom- 3:00 I was able to see shadows moving around us while doing the second EVP session by the moose. I also smelled fire on the third floor after we called the investigation.
Craig- 2:26am Tom, Lori, Susan and myself were in the bone room. I asked couple questions when I began to feel a chill in my lower spine this is like at 2:29 I asked Susan if she felt anything since she was closet to me, she respond no, at the time the chill that was in my lower spine was moving up to my shoulders I then asked Susan to come lean by me and she did so but moved away instantly I asked her what was wrong does she feel something? she replied with yes. Then the chill went away, I paused for a few moments and then asked another question the chill came back to my shoulders then it begun to tingle. Lori got up and came by me and stated it was cold in the area. The tingle I was feeling in my shoulders was now in my chest around my heart area. This experience was not frighten it was cool and I am glad I got to experience it.
* 11:26pm In the circus room we captured what we believe is a man saying “Cut you, cut you now”. It is similar to a EVP  voice we captured on our previous investigation.
Click on location photo to hear.
Ripleys Believe It Or Not Museum Evp Cut You
* 12:45am In the bone room we captured what we believe is a man saying “Not yet, just one minute”.
Click on location photo to hear.
Ripleys Believe It Or Not Museum Evp Not Yet
* 3:14am In the moose hallway we captured what we believe is a man saying “Rachel”.
Click on location photo to hear.
Ripleys Believe It Or Not Museum Evp Rachel
* Below are 2 videos that were caught on our secondary DVR, in the interactive room.
Note: The dust orbs “dorbs” that were captured on video all had the same fast flight path. The two videos below are very distinct in their movement. Also the camera was set for motion and sound activation.
* 10:57pm This orb type anomaly had a strange characteristic in which it moves like the shape of an M.
     Click on location photo to see.
Ripleys Believe It Or Not Museum Video M
* 1:04am This orb type anomaly which is also resembles something called a rod is seen in this video. The interesting part is that it is also producing a electrical sound.
   Click on location photo to see.
Ripleys Believe It Or Not Museum Video Rod
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