The Reid House
Ft. Meade, Florida
Reid house


The Wm James Reid house is a historic frame vernacular home. The home is thought to have been built between 1899 and 1914. One of the last two surviving carriage stones, in Polk County, was located in front of the home for more than 100 years. The Reid House was featured in the film “Judgement” featuring Blythe Danner, Keith Carradine, Jack Warden and David Strathairn. HBO refurbished the house and added a doorway between the master bedroom and the guest room, for which they used to film some of the scenes in the movie.
Duration - Overnight
Present - Scott, Sprout, Lori, Toni and Tom. Guests include Randy Wolpin (homeowner), Roz Wolpin, Mike Wolpin, Michale Graves, Renee Graves, J-sin Trioxin, Evan Eckard, Chad Cooper and Mike Turner. Also from the Lakeland ledger Anthony Anamelechi and from the Ft. Meade Leader Priscilla Perry.
Meter Readings -Toni took extensive readings due to the reported phenomenon of temperature fluctuations in the home. The following are the average base line.
Temp - Downstairs 78 to 80 - Upstairs 60 to 74
EMF - Downstairs .2mg - Upstairs .2mg
Tools -4 IR cameras,
3 Hi-8 video cameras,
digital cameras, pyrometer,
gauss meter, tri-field meter,
audio recorders, guests equipment

History of Haunting:

* Mike and Roz Wolpin, parents of the home owner, reported an incident in the kitchen. Mike was sitting alone in the kitchen while Roz was in the adjoining bathroom preparing to take a shower. Mike reports that a pencil cup sitting on a shelf in the kitchen lifted of the shelf by its own accord and flew to the kitchen floor scattering pens and pencils everywhere. This event was loud enough to alert Roz and interrupt her plans to shower. Both claim no one was near the shelf at the time.
Randy reports an incident involving the radio in the kitchen as follows: Randy and a friend were working in the house and had the radio turned to a rock station. He reports that the radio station changed by itself to a gospel music station. No one was near the radio. This happened on the religious holiday of “Good Friday”.
Randy also reports the sound of footsteps upstairs that has been witnessed by several people.
A guest to the home was up late (2:00am) painting in the downstairs rooms and heard knocking on the backdoor.
June 15th The night before we investigated we were told that Michale, J-sin and Renee had an experience in the green room. Approximately at 1am, while sleeping in the upstairs guest bedroom, Michale, J-sin and Renee all woke up screaming. Michale said they felt a dark mass come up the stairs, enter the gold room where Mike and Roz were sleeping and then enter their room. J-Sin described a dark swirling mass that entered their room and move around. Michale and J-Sin both had the same feeling and described the feeling of fear with a little bit of sadness. Everyone sleeping upstairs in the home that night also reported the temperature dropped that night and they froze all night.
June 16th (the day of the investigation) persons in the home reported they had several occurrences prior to our arrival. These events are as follows: Mike was in the kitchen alone and heard footsteps coming towards the kitchen. As the footsteps approached he became overwhelmed with an intense smell of cigarette smoke. Smoking is not permitted in the home. Mike waited for the person he heard walking towards the kitchen to enter the room, intending to scold the person for smoking in the home but the foot steps stopped and no one was there. The smell lingered in the room before slowly dissipating. Evan was in the living room at the same that Mike was in the kitchen. While Evan did not say he heard the footsteps he did report smelling something burning in the room with him.
Personal Experiences:
* During meter readings in the dining room, Scott smelled what he thought was Swisher Sweets Cigars.
Toni had put brand new batteries in her digital recorder, started to record and entered the home. As she walked down the hallway into the living room, she stated the date and location into the recorder and the recorder shut off. The batteries were drained after only 3 minutes of recording time. Replacing them with remaining batteries from same package, with no further problems. After returning home the “dead” batteries worked fine.
At 10:04 pm , before we went “dark”, Roz went up to the “gold room” closet to put her purse away and get her slippers. When she opened the door to the closet she felt something behind her touch her left thigh. She said it felt like a child or a cats paw. Roz became very upset and frightened and had to be escorted back down stairs by Tom.
At 10:14pm while doing a EVP session in the “gold room” Michale’s camera batteries were drained.
At 10:17pm Right after Roz had been touched, Scott proceeded to the “gold room” and opened the closet door. He was met with a rush of ice cold air. Scott was not able to neither recreate the incident nor explain the incident to his satisfaction.
At one point during the night, Evan Eckard was outside by a shed on the property. He felt that he saw an unrecognizable black form running inhumanly fast back and forth across the side property. Upon investigation we found nothing to cause this.
At 11:07 Toni’s camera batteries died upstairs.
After the investigation was done, all the members of PRGT slept in homes living room and piano room. All members note that during the night the temp downstairs dropped to a unusual bone chilling temp. Randy said that it’s always warmer downstairs and the frigid temperature changes have only been experienced upstairs.
Note: 3 weeks after our investigation a object fell in the downstairs bathroom closet followed by frigid temperature. This was witnessed by Randy and Roz.
* One interesting thing we did get on our equipment is what we call “Audio Pareidolia” In other words… false/positives. This means it sounds like good evidence but we disprove it as being false. We are very thorough and triple check everything we get to make sure we don’t miss anything. Below is a false/positive in which this first video you will hear what sounds like a possible EVP saying "Jesus Christ" and maybe something else rude.
We didn’t obtain any physical paranormal evidence during this investigation and we believe it was due to the fact that so many people were invited or showed up to the home. There was several personal experiences that effected everyone present that have been documented but not able to be physically recorded.

One thing we find interesting is the fact that so many batteries had been drained. This is a very common occurrence that happens in areas where paranormal activity has been reported. Toni’s camera, a digital voice recorder and Michale’s camera batteries were drained. This all happened in a little over a hours time. Also the following weekend a photographer from the Lakeland Ledger was at the home taking photos. She claimed her batteries had drained and the camera locked up. She said this had never happened to her before.
Click on location photo to see.
Reid Chandelier
* In the second video you will see that it really was only someone walking down the creaky stairs.
Click on location photo to see.
Reid Stairs
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