Possession Case
We really can’t say much about this particular case due to an extreme confidentiality agreement. What we encountered this night was an immense energy in the area where we were investigating. One member had her guard/resistances down (she was tired) and we believe this energy may have taken advantage of that.

The audio below was captured by Peace River Ghost Tracker. It has not been altered in any way.
To have a clear understanding of what was going on, and of the events of that night, we recommend reading the info shown below the audio before listening to the clips.
This is the few moments that then leads up to her heavy breathing, childlike laughter and then a man's deep guttural laughing. Listen
This is when she was being removed from the building. She lets out a deep mans scream. Listen

WARNING: Do not listen if you are easily upset or disturbed by such things. Although there is no foul language, the sounds may be disturbing to some.
The information pertaining to this case will be in the words of Matt Ferrell who collected all the reports from all who were present on this investigation. We have additional information from that night and upon request we will share additional info only for learning purposes.

We would like to thank Matt Ferrell for the time he spent documenting this, his knowledge of the paranormal and for sharing so all may learn from cases such as these.

What's Heard in the Clips Above?:

It was well into the night and we had already set up and been investigating for a good while. One of our members was monitoring a video camera. She had mentioned to me that she was getting tired and she was going to walk around a bit, so I took over the monitoring of the video camera at that point. What should have been done was, that member should have been taken away from the location, but unfortunately it wasn't thought of at the time. If anyone in your team during an investigation starts to feel uneasy, nervous, or even tired, remove them from the location. If bad vibes are felt, it may be best to just stop the investigation all together and reschedule it for another time.

Not long after I took over monitoring the video camera, the person I took over for leaned against a wall and slid down, sitting on the floor. She started breathing heavily and then a laugh came from her It started off as a girls laugh, but grew deeper and deeper into a very deep male laugh (you can hear the tone change from female to male). The tone of the laugh dropped a few times. I don't think she could make that deep of a laugh even if she tried. The person who was nearest to her said her facial features changed and were distorted. That the person she was looking at was not her friend. She also said that her eyes were totally black. Then, she just stopped in mid laugh.

At that point we worked on getting her out of the building. We were on the 3rd floor so we had to walk her down the staircase to the 1st floor. On the way down (about 3 minutes after the laughing occurred) a horrifying scream/yell came from her. Once we got her outside and out of the area, she was feeling better, although not remembering much of what happened. Again, if someone in your group starts feeling not like their self, or you see them not acting right, remove them from the location, get them to eat/drink something, talk to them, ask them questions, etc. Anything to get their mind thinking differently and off of what ever may be occurring.
Afterwards, we packed up and left the building.

What Happened in those 3 minutes?

Alot of people have been asking what happened in the 3 minutes between the time of the laughing, and when the yelling occurred on the staircase.

In the first clip, you'll hear the investigator saying "Everybody out!". You'll then hear the investigator telling whatever it was that was taking control go "Go Back" and "I want Jennifer, leave Jennifer with me".

At that point we attempted to get her out of the building. While leading her out, she started leaning a little to close to the railing looking down onto the floors below, as you'll hear people around her pulling her back going "No! nuh uh!". Everyone then started calling her name, hoping it would snap her out of it and bring her back to us. One investigator talks to her telling her to put her arms around her and we were going to lead her out of the building. The girl affected then responded, saying "Okay.. Okay.. Let's go.. We gotta go.. Okay.. Let's go.. We gotta go.. I gotta go.. I'm gonna be late.. I'm gonna be late..". The "I'm gonna be late" is kind of slurred, but it's what we think she says anyway. It's almost like she says this in a little girls (a childs) voice, compared to her normal speaking voice. This "little girl" voice is also heard at the beginning of her laughing, before it becomes into a deep male laugh. We've considered that maybe both that of a little girl AND of an angry male were present and coming through her.

Considering these circumstances that we had never encountered before to this extreme, I think our team did great. Everyone stayed relatively calm despite what was going on, and we all worked together on first getting the person affected out of the building. We were on the 3rd floor of this building, so if everyone would have freaked out and went running down the stairs all at once, it wouldn't have turned out very nicely. We got the person that was affected out, then helped each other in packing up, then left the location. I'm very proud of how our team handled this event.

We've had what we call Emotional Transference happen a number of times in the past. This is where one second the person will be fine, then in the blink of an eye they'll get sad, start crying, etc.. for no reason at all. It's like hitting a wall of emotion. We've had this even happen to different people, a year or more apart, at the very same exact location. We believe this to be a form of communication.. kind of like a way of spirit showing you what THEY feel of felt at one point in time. From these, we learned to remove the person from the location and get them to eat something, ask them questions (even something as simple as what their name is, what the year is, what their children's or relatives names are, etc.).. anything to change their mindset and away from whatever may be occurring.

Other occurrences

* TV coming on by itself:
Several people had uneasiness on stairs even prior to the incident.
Matt states: Earlier in the investigation I was in the same spot that this ended up happening. Another member that was with me in the area and I both reported the smell of burning wood, which people also started smelling again right before the occurrence with the girl. I ended up getting an uneasy feeling which kept growing, so I sat down leaning against the wall. I was sitting in the EXACT spot that the affected person ended up sitting and leaning against the wall later on before she started laughing. The feeling still wouldn't leave so I ended up getting up and walking to a different area. The feeling then left and I was fine.
Elevator malfunction which was said to never have happened before.
Batteries were being drained of power.
Video Clips: Much evidence was all recorded on a video cameras that was set up in a completely different rooms from where these events were taking place, yet it all sounds like she was right next to the camera (even the heavy breathing at the beginning). It was almost like it engulfed the whole building.
Our equipment didn't register any odd anomalies or fluctuations/readings at the time in the area (other then the orbs captured on the camera closest to the person this was happening to). We've seen this happen alot. We KNOW paranormal events are going on, but we capture no signs of them on photo/video or our meters at the time.
In the area that this happened, moments before it happened, people reported smelling what they described as burning wood with a sweet smell to it.
When we left afterwards, the staff locked up and set the alarms. When they opened the next morning, the gift shop was a mess. T-Shirt racks were upside down and key chains were hung all over. The alarm was still set though and no one had been there all night. This happened a few weekends in a row afterwards.
More strange events later on: After the investigation, five members (including myself) went walking around town till 5am (I don't think any of us could sleep even if we wanted to). Around 5am two of the members decided to head back to where they were staying. Unfortunately the place they were staying was right near where we did the investigation. They reported that "it" came back. The same strong energy that was felt during the investigation was there. They said "It actually hit us harder than it did during the investigation". They sat there for at least 20 minutes before they felt safe enough to go up the stairs to their room.

Final words of wisdom?

'Spontaneous possession' doesn't usually happen.. the person had to of either open themselves up to it without being able to handle it.. or they already were attached to this spirit.. maybe they thought it to be friendly and invited it to come through, etc.. They may not have invited it to come through THEM.. but something as simple as a "Can you make yourself known to me?" may be asking for something you really don't want/can't handle. That's an invite that you may not want to make.

Don't open yourself up if you can't handle it. Alot of researchers go out into the field thinking "Oh! Cool! I'm going to be completely open and I'm going to experience all this cool stuff and maybe even hopefully capture it on photo/video/audio/etc." This is defiantly not the way to think. I believe that to be able to handle this type of stuff, it takes years and years of research and learning on the subject, and even then, you still might not be able to handle it. If you open yourself up and can't handle it, things like what happened that night may happen.

And still again, alot of researchers also go out to these haunted locations going "Okay! Show me you're here! Do something! Let me know you're here!".. this is again opening yourself up. You may be asking for something you may not like.
I think this info is VERY important and ghost researchers/investigators everywhere should know it.
Go in, try to capture your evidence, then leave. Simple as that. Don't try to make it anything more than that if you can't handle it, because you may get what you seek.. something "more than that".