Plaza Hotel and Desoto Restaurant
Arcadia, Florida
The Plaza Hotel


The building was originally called the Plaza Hotel. It was built by Michael Schlossberg, building began in 1925 and was completed in 1927. It was a very classy place with mosaic floors, but unfortunately some of the original architecture was damaged during  hurricane Donna in 1960. There used to be arches on top of the building with large flower planters around the roof top patio. There was two stained glass pyramid skylights at the hotel. Only one of the originals still has the red glass still in it and it's located at the top of the interior staircase. In later years it became a Keswick hotel.
Mr. Schlossberg built many buildings in Arcadia and in 1913 he started the first 5 and 10 cent store which operated for over 60 years. Later it became Schlossberg's which was a ladies dress shop.

Some of the most popular residents of the hotel were cattle dealers who came to town and travelers who only had to walk less than a block to the hotel. It also housed military families who were based out of Carlstrom and Dorrfield military training bases.
It was said that they charged $1.00 a night for a single in 1930's. There was approximately 48 rooms with some only having just a sink and some had a full bathroom. Some were two bedrooms called a Jack and Jill which is 2 rooms that share the same bathroom and even a 3 bedroom. A few may have had a kitchen. There was also wash rooms that were later turned into private bathrooms. It is thought there hasn't been any residents living in the hotel since 1987. The Greystone apartments next door were living quarters for many of the hotel employees.

There have been various business over the years in the downstairs plaza. Some business were the G.P. Lamb realty company, fun foolery, Palace barber shop, I.O.Eller Candy company and a appliance store.

The downstairs restaurant kitchen is original and was half the size of the now present one. The original managers office is now the dish cleaning room. The present buffet area was once the main dining room. The present owners office used to be part of the main lobby for check ins. It still has the original lights sconces, staircase, heater, radiator, electrical and phone panels. The office holds the elevator which was last serviced in 1978. There is a small basement that is considered the boiler room with a above ground kerosene tank that kept the boiler running. The Desoto Restaurant has been a local favorite for many years and it's said that supposedly Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone dined there while traveling through town.
Duration - 8:00pm-6:00am
Present - Scott, Sprout, Lori, Toni, Tom and Craig
Meter Readings
Temp - 87 to 89
EMF - .2 to spike
Tools -4 IR cameras
3 Hi-8 video cameras
digital cameras
gauss meter
tri-field meter
audio recorders
radio shack hack
thermal imaging camera
A Plaza Bathroom

History of Haunting:

* Strange noises at 3am when owner is comes in to prep the kitchen.
Shadows are seen in the corner of your eye especially in the kitchen which makes you do a double take.
A black lady has been seen in the kitchen on several occasions and as recently as the first week in June 2009. She has a very distinct walk with big hair which possible could be afro style. She is wearing a white kitchen apron and it thought to be a past kitchen worker.
An employee has walked into the far West dining area to see the Spirit of a cowboy sitting in there.
It is said that an employee had seen the toilet paper unrolling by its self and the water faucet turned on by itself in the lower woman's bathroom.
Employee Billie-Jo said that the front door to the lobby will open up by itself for a few moments as if someone is coming through.
Billie-Jo said 6:30am to 7:00am Conversations are heard in the lobby and dining area.
It is said that a psychic was dining and she heard a conversation coming through the speakers while everyone else heard only music.

* We did a preliminary walk through of the whole building on 7/8/09 and since that day until our investigation the employees report the following experiences.
At closing time all employees were in the main lobby when they heard the back door alarm go off. The whole restaurant was locked and when they checked, no one was at the backdoor.
Waitress report of being in the wait station and hearing two men having a conversation at the closest table. When looking around the wall to the table, no one was there.
Employees have witnessed the office door off the main dining room, open slowly and then close as if someone just walked through it.
During our tour, Scott was standing in the area between the lobby and the dining room. He said he could hear a mans voice talking but couldn't make out what was being said. This is common to the location.

We had to return to the hotel a few weeks (7/15/09) after the investigation to disprove some strange sounds we captured on our evidence. We found that as recent as 7/8/09 employees have continued to experience what would be considered playful activity.
They day began when stacks of white linens where continuously being flipped onto the floor in the waitress station.
Later in the day Robin was working in the kitchen when she was notified that her box fan and scale were on the floor in the middle of the hallway. She put them both back onto the counter and a very short time later, she found the box fan on the floor again and the scale was pushed to the edge of the counter. Robin had enough of the pranks so she said out loud "Go play with the linens again".
That evening one of the waitresses had set all the tables with red linens. She folded them in a very common way in which they stand up. Robin was called to the main dining room to see what the Spirits had done. Every single linen was laid down on the plates.
Plaza Outside Night
Personal Experiences:
At 11:55pm While Toni was on the 3rd floor in the room behind cam 3 (S.W.) she was touched on her back and arm.
At 1:44am there was a strange EMF spike of on the second floor, at the far south/west end of the hall. There was a reading near the IR cam that went up to At 1:45am the meter registered no EMF in either location. Also at this same time, the first door on the right was registering a progressively increasing spike from to The energy seemed to be moving and then gone.
At 1:52am on the 3rd floor, Sprout walked through an area which felt like spider webs. This is a common occurrence when in the presence of Spirits. It is another way they communicate through touch.
At 1:56am on the 3rd floor, Scott saw the figure of a man standing in the hall when he came around the corner after a EVP session.
Lori had noticed that at one point her camera that was set up in the dining room, had shaken slightly.
At one point Tom and Scott felt dizzy on the second floor in the room next to #207.
Around 5am, Scott, Sprout and Lori were in the Desoto Restaurant using a unit called a radio shack hack to scan frequencies. This is another tool used in Spirit communication. The radio reacting oddly by turning on and off at weird times when questions were asked. At the same time, Lori's camera - which has 45 minutes of battery life -- dies. The battery says zero. Once she recharges it for a short period and enters the hotel, the camera's battery life is fine and reads 49 minutes.
Plaza Outside Night
* At 2:00pm on June 8th we did a preliminary walk through of the building. Toni took a series of photos in room 323 and in the first 2 photos she captured a moving mist. The 3rd photo shows that it was now gone. Many photos were taken during that time and after with no recreation of the anomaly.
Plaza Mist 1
Plaza Mist 2
Plaza Mist 3
* At 11:26pm Lori was by herself in the main dining room doing a EVP session. She asked if the Spirit could open the door. She was directing the question to the office door which has been seen opening and closing by itself. At that moment she heard the door alarm in the lobby beep once and the door shake violently. Note: All doors beep3 times and the alarm will say "front door" or what door that is being opened. Also the breezeway that the lobby door opens to is locked at both ends so no one could have wandered off the streets to shake it.
Click on location photo to hear.

Desoto Restaurant Lobby
* At 11:31pm  on the second floor our camera was set up in a hallway in the southwest corner of the building. We captured at voice saying "Look at me".
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opera house
* At 3:02am  On the second floor we were doing a dowsing rod session. Toni asked where the closest Spirit was and the rods pointed to the elevator door. Toni said "we can't use the elevator now, can we use the stairs?" and then the rods pointed to the staircase. At that point we captured a voice that says "Now you hear it" or "Now you'll hear it".
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opera house>