Plant City Residence
Plant City, Florida
Private Door


The home was built in 1950. After the residents had lived there for one year, the reported activity started about 3 months later. The owner has done extensive research on the property and past owners. It was found that the original home to the property sat next door.
This investigation is highly confidential so no photos or personal information will be shared.
Duration - 8:17pm-12:25am
Present - Scott, Sprout and Craig. Also attending was the Male and Female owners.
Meter Readings
Temp - 74 to 81
EMF - average .02mg
Tools -3 IR cameras
1 Hi-8 video cameras
digital cameras
tri-field meter
audio recorders
dowsing rods
ghost box

History of Haunting: This was a re-investigation of this location and since our last visit there has been more reported activity.

* Click HERE to read the report and the history of haunting from the past investigation at this site.
The female owners has reportedly seen a older woman standing behind the French doors leading to the living room.
The female owner has also seen an apparition of a little girl maybe 5 years old standing at the side of the bed holding what looked like a tan poodle. The girl had blonde hair and was wearing a little dress, the kind like on little house on the prairie, the dress had a little dress over the top. The owners said “When I looked at her she looked right at me and held the tan dog out to me. I just laid there not knowing what to do.”
The female owner was awakened at about 3am by a smell so strong it made her sick to her stomach. It smelled like a rotting decaying animal and she had never smelled anything that strong before.
They have experienced banging on the bathroom door and in almost every room in the house.
Female owner hears faint voices from all over the house.
The Spirits likes to move things around on the dressers and they leave little hand prints behind. This happens about once a week.
In the kitchen she has smelled of a faint odor of perfume and also has been filled with aromas of fresh baked bread or muffins.
The female owner states “I put my shirt on my dresser and in morning there were two rocks underneath it, one was black and one was white. I have never seen them before.” “I have been moving things around to see if they will do the same and have gotten results every time. Its kind of like a little game now I move something and they move it to a different spot or tip it over.”

In the kitchen the female owner swore she heard someone say “kitty kitty”. Her cat was on the table and his ears went right up and he was looking towards the back door.
The female owner said “I woke up and clearly heard (mama mama mama).” “It was very much like the voice (EVP) the PRGT recorded on the last investigation, only more like a whisper. It was almost like trying to wake me quietly.
Both owners witnessed box of tissues slid to the edge of the table, teetered on the edge for a minutes, then fly to the floor.
The female hears music at night. She says that it’s very low and it sounds like older music, like the 20s 30s music.
She also heard a voice that said “I’m here, I’m here”.
The female owner states: “I went into the bedroom, the TV was on and the light was off. The male owner was asleep. There was a ball of light about the size of a soft ball hovering over him. As I walked to the other side of the bed it followed behind me. I jumped into bed turned around and it was gone”.
The male owner was in the front room and he was shutting off the light to go to bed. He clearly heard a “good night” from a childs voice.
The female owner said: “Something woke me up in the back bedroom by tickling my feet. Who ever it was I could feel them holding my feet and I was awake when I pulled my feet away from them”.
Personal Experiences:
* At 9:47pm Sprout was in the living room asking for any kind of response to questions being asked. She did hear knocks at 3 separate times and they did get progressively louder. The sounds were coming from behind the camera so the audio that was recorded was very quiet.
We did use the radio shack hack box during an EVP session…. Results are very vague and too random to come to any conclusion with that device.
* At 12:21:36am While Scott and the female homeowner were in the living room trying to communicate with a Spirit, Craig and Sprout were entering the house through the back door. We believe we captured an EVP of a man’s voice saying “Get out, now”. In our opinion, we believe that Craig and Sprout were being warned not to disturb the communication that was going on in the living room.
"Get out now" Original Edited
The following audio clip was captured by the client on a different occasion.
"Help Me Now" Original Edited