Plant City Residence
Plant City, Florida
Private Door


The home is thought to have been built in the 1950's in the typical cracker style. There was also an original home to the property that stood next door. History is still being gathered by the homeowner.

This investigation is highly confidential so no photos or personal information will be shared.
Duration - 8:45pm-2:05am
Present - Scott, Sprout, Scott, Sprout, Lori, Toni, also attending was the Female resident and her boyfriend.
Meter Readings
Temp - 47 outside to 63 inside
EMF - .02
Tools -4 IR cameras
digital cameras
dowsing rods
tri-field meter
audio recorders
1 Hi-8 video recorder

History of Haunting:

* The residents have lived there for one year, and the reported activity started about 3 months after moving in.
Residents hear footsteps in the attic.
They have heard water running from the refrigerator, but when they go and check it out, they find water in the center of the kitchen.
The female Resident was sitting at the computer and heard growling coming from the attic vent on several occasions.
Female resident heard a blood curdling scream from inside the home, but Male resident did not hear it.
Female resident went to sleep in the guest room and had the sheets pulled off of her 3 times. After the third time she heard a small child giggle.
Female resident heard 3 of her dolphin figurines being moved around, she didn’t check them until morning and saw they had been moved but not slid across the dresser.
Dog statues in the living room are always being moved.
Cat bats at the air and 1 blind dog growls and barks for no reason.
TV goes on and off by itself.
Neighbors told them that the previous residents had seen a full-bodied apparition in the attic.
Personal Experiences:
* We heard what sounded like a chair being moved across the floor but there is no video showing this.
We disproved the growl being heard coming from the attic as being a car passing by. The sounds reverberates through the attic scuttle(entrance) hole.
* We did get 3 possible EVP’s from the kitchen and living room cameras. Please watch your volume, some are louder than others when listening.
11:07:28 "Your pretty" Original Edited
11:09:36 "Hear me" Original Edited
01:17:53 "I’m ready" or "I’m Freddy" Original Edited