The following photos were taken by members of Peace River Ghost Tracker.
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This photo was taken on 4/18/09 at the 24hour Ripley's radio bash hosted by Jeremiah Greer of Shadows in the Dark Radio. A private 3am tour was given of haunted St. Augustine with the tour finishing up inside Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum. This photo was taken at 5:11am. You'll see on the top floor balcony a little girl in the middle of the hallway. The next photo is a cropped version.
This photo is the cropped version of the photo above. You can see better detail of the little girl. She is sitting on her legs with her arms in front of her on her lap.
This picture was taken at our first unofficial investigation. It ended up being one of our best pictures of ecto/mist. The two people in the picture said they felt something cold in the area and as you see their hands are out feeling it.
Some time back in April 2003 PRGT was investigating a place we like to call “RL” cemetery. During our whole time there, periodically we would keep hearing a very loud noise. When we realized it was coming from a pump house they use for irrigation we decided to get a better look. The noise we heard was the rattling of pipes that go from the pump house to the water. When your at a place and all you hear is the quiet of the night then suddenly you hear such a racket… do get a bit jumpy!
When Scott took pictures of the pump house he ended up getting what looks like a man peeking out from the inside. He has very discernable features such as a reseeding hairline, long face and we are able to see his eyes, nose and mouth.
Now for the update…
April 2006 we receive a E-mail from a descendent of the original owner of the property from back before it was even a cemetery. He shared with us his family history and disproved some of the urban legends about the area. We are now trying to see if our “pump house man” is a relative of his. His grandfather maintained the pump house for many years. His grandfather also had a pet duck that followed him everywhere.
He told us about his grandfather who he was very close too. He said when he was a child his grandfather was always there to help get him out of trouble that young boys may cause. About 2 years after his grandfather passed again he found himself in trouble. When he was visiting his grandmother he saw an apparition of his grandfather walking down the hall. Knowing that he was still around and watching over him gave him the needed strength to straighten up. The possibility of the spirit we photographed being his grandfather, has made him realize that he will always be around him one way or another. Since the families contact with a medium, the spirit phenomenon has stopped at the pump house.
Two months later, June 2003 we had another experience there. Click HERE to read about it.
This photo was taken in 1988 while Scott's car was being painted. There was no smoking allowed in the building.
I found this pic of me and a vortex when I was going thru some old photos. It’s not a camera strap because you can see right through it. I was 5 years old here.