The Old Jail
St. Augustine
Old Jail St Augustine ghost investigation


Completed in 1891, the Old Jail housed prisoners for over 60 years. This massive Queen Anne style stucco on brick building is on the National Registry of Historic Places. It is one of the very few surviving 19th century incarceration facilities in the state and is the oldest government building in St. Johns County. There is a sheriff's Quarters where he and his family lived adjacent to 72 prisoners. The jail consists of male and female cells, maximum security area, the gallows which ended the lives of numerous criminals, and a large collection of guns used in actual crimes.
Duration - 12:28am-2:55am
Present - Scott, Sprout, Lori, Toni, and Tom. With guests Monica, Jesse and Carrie
Meter Readings
Temp - 75 to 77
EMF - .02mg to .07mg
Tools -4 IR cameras
3 Hi-8 video cameras
digital cameras
35mm cameras
gauss meter
tri-field meter
audio recorders
dowsing rods

History of Haunting:

* So many different types of activity have been reported by staff and tour attendees of the Old Jail including strange smells, sounds and full apparitions seen both inside and outside. Many of these ghost sightings have been listed on a previous investigation report.
Click HERE to read it.
* The most prevalent phenomenon is the strange smells. This is a list of what we and others have witnessed. The smell of urine is the most common, maybe because from 1891 to 1914, the only bathroom the inmates had was a bucket in the cells so at one point that smell filled the building.
Also smells of feces, roses, vomit, unwashed bodies, tallow candles and farts.

The newest report we received was when speaking with “Sheriff”, he told us of the woman he has seen outside walking around the building. She was wearing a blue dress with a big floppy hat. He has also seen a man wearing a hat and vest. He believes it to be Sheriff Guy White. He has also seen both of these spirits also on St. George St.
Personal Experiences:
* At 11:52 pm in men's general population. Toni said “While my head was down I saw a shadow move across the floor in front of the cage from left to right”.
At 1:31:47am While sitting in front of the second to last cell upstairs Toni felt something brush up against her right leg on three separate occasions.
At 1:46:20am as Scott, Tom, Monica and Toni got up to leave the general population area, the two gel lights from upstairs shut off with a loud click(lights on a timer) and Toni heard the sound of several feet running up the stairs and/or around the left side of the perimeter of the cage. Monica heard this event as well. Scott and Tom said they heard nothing all night.
Toni entered the women’s cell closest to the window and found the air in the cell to be very heavy. She thought she heard the straw mattress moving. She tried to recreate the sound but had no real luck.
At 2:00:40am Monica was standing outside side the women’s cell holding Toni’s digital voice recorder and said it felt like her left arm got very cold and there was a breeze. Tom felt the breeze but did not feel and temp change. Scott then used the pyrometer with no temp changes registering.
Twice while walking into the general population area Toni encountered the smell of urine.
* At approx. 12:10am Prior to the actual investigation Scott was giving our guests a tour upstairs while Toni and Monica were doing baseline meter readings. A loud sound was caught on Toni’s HI-8 camcorder. We have tried to recreate this with no success. We believe that it is a EVP of someone saying “why” in a anguished voice. Still unsure if it is male or female.
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Old Jail Mens Cells
* At 12:30:06 In audio 1 at base we heard a older female voice, over and louder than everyone else saying “Help us know”.
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Old Jail Living Room
Old Town Trolley