We enjoy when any form of media wants to share with the public our experience and evidence we have collected from our investigations. In our field, only good publicity is good publicity. But at times it can be hard to get the point across to the media on how educate the public in the proper way. For this reason we have never contacted the media on our own. They have always sought us out through word of mouth.
North Port Magazine 2009 North Port Magazine 10/2009
North Port Magazine 2008 North Port Magazine 10/2008
Herald Tribune Article on 3/30/08
Sun Herald Front page on Halloween 10/31/07
The Ledger Fort Meade House article 6/24/07
Fort Meade Leader Fort Meade House article 6/22/07
Into the Unknown We appeared June 13th on a Sci-fi special presentation called “Into the unknown” with George Noory

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The Florida Weekly The Esperanza a Pullman train housed at the Southwest Florida Museum of history in downtown Fort Myers 4/12/07
Inner Circle Sprout has spoken several times on Dawn Sandums show
Clear Image Radio Sprout has spoken several times on
Shaun Jones show
Sun Herald Investigation at Cultural Center 10/31/05
Sun Herald Our first article 6/28/04