Martin Building
New Orleans, Louisiana
The Martin Building Front


The Martin buildings address is 609 Iberville but it borders Iberville and Exchange alley. The Martin building actually consists of 5 separate Greek revival style buildings that extend two thirds of the block, consisting up to 3 and 4 stories, we believe were built between 1840 and 1850.

The records we obtained from The Historic New Orleans Collection and Williams Research Center , showed that In Sept of 1964 these businesses existed on the Iberville side of the building. The Silver dollar hotel, Marian’s Place bar, Casa Tamale Restaurant and a Wholesale store.

Juliet from New Orleans Notarial Archives pointed out to us in their records that the Martin building was once the Columbia brewing company in the 1920’s.

The ownership documents went as far back as 1868 and we could not find reference to the name Martin. We then received a call from a Hotel Monteleone employee and said that the name Martin, came from the Martin Restaurant that used to be there. In 1954 the Hotel Monteleone was working on their fourth addition to their hotel and had to raze the original building and lay a new foundation. They didn’t want to damage the Martin restaurant behind them or hurt the integrity of the business so in 1956 they purchased it. The Martin restaurant then moved across the street. Since then bridges were added over Exchange alley from the hotel Monteleone to the Martin building.

Currently the Martin buildings are being used by the Hotel Monteleone for workshop areas which include a rooms to cut glass, wallpaper storage, picture framing, upholstery, paint shop, engineering dept. human resources, shipping and receiving and other offices. At one time the hotel made their own furniture in this location.
We are continuing research to learn more about the building.
Duration - 8:00pm-11:00pm
Present - Scott, Sprout, Toni and Deb
Meter Readings
Temp and EMF - Various locations and readings
Tools - 3 video cameras
digital cameras
gauss meter
tri-field meter
audio recorders
mini disk recorder
dowsing rods
paranormal puck
night vision goggles
parabolic mic

History of Haunting:

* We didn't hear too much about the activity except for the feelings of being watched. We also did not get to interview anyone who works in the building during the day.
Personal Experiences:
* We did have the feeling of being watched.
Sprout was in the large workshop room and felt as if someone was in there with her. There was a lot of knocking on the walls and the feeling of someone moving around the room. When Toni came in to witness this, it stopped.
* 8:23pm  Toni set her Hi-8 video recorder down in a locker and walked over to Scott to examine a old elevator. During this short period of time a voice was recorded. We believe it to be a woman calling out to someone named "Elijah". She also sounds like she has a southern accent and pronounces it "Lie jah"
Click on location photo to hear.

The Martin Building Workshop