The Library Club and restaurant
Sapphire Valley, North Carolina
The Library Club and restaurant


The library is the oldest structure in Sapphire Valley. It was built around 1864 and was part of a working farm, which produced fresh vegetables, meats and wholesome dairy products for the old Fairfield Inn. The Library was named after the lounge in the old Fairfield Inn and established as a private dining club in 1992. Great effort was taken to protect the architectural integrity of the original farmhouse and in 1999, the restaurant underwent a major renovation and expansion of the dining facilities and outdoor patio and gazebo. We would like to thank Mark and Megan for giving us the opportunity to investigate.
Duration - 11:30pm-3:00am
Present - Scott and Sprout, with owners Mark and Megan. Also bartenders Kenny and Chip.
Meter Readings
EMF - .02mg
Tools -digital cameras
Panasonic hi-8 video recorder
mini DV
audio recorders
ghost box communicator
gauss master

History of Haunting:

* A past chef had seen a pot fly off the stove.
Kenny walked into the kitchen and saw coffee in a pot sloshing back and forth as if someone had just set the coffee pot down.
The kitchen is thought to be in the same location as it was in the original house. Maybe that is why on 3 separate times, employees have came in to the kitchen in the morning and one of the burners on the stove would be on full blast. The flame would be shooting up at least a foot.
Mark saw approximately, in the beginning of May, a woman wearing a white flowing gown standing in the doorway to the bathroom.
Kenny has seen a little girl wearing a white night gown standing near the doorway at the foot of the stairs. He has seen her at least 50 times but hasn’t seen her in the past 6 months.
Kenny also had said that one night at closing time he pushed all the bar stools up against the bar and left the room. When he returned to the room, every other bar stool was turned around facing away from the bar.
Chip and Russ on several occasions has seen out of the corner of their eye, shadows which mostly are seen near the hall by the bathrooms. Others have also witnessed this. Chip says he has the feeling of being watched and his hair on the back of his neck has a tendency to raise.
A long time patron of the Library club named Sue spoke of her first time in the club when it had first opened in the early 90’s. Sue said that while sitting at the bar she felt her leg touched and then her shoulder, she got up and went outside on the patio because she was a bit shocked. After a while she came back in and this time she felt touched on her shoulder then leg, right after that happened a book came off the shelf behind her and landed on the floor. Sue swore she would never return to the club again. Sue told this to me while sitting at the club in almost the same original seat she had been sitting in on her first visit. The Library club has a feeling to it that makes you feel at home and always want to return to.
Personal Experiences:
* At 1:25am we all witnessed the smell of soap at the doorway to the bar. The smell moved around the area including the hallway. The doorway is thought to be the original back door to the house. Possibly this is where the laundry was done. When Scott asked for the smell to go away, it would. When he asked for it to return, it would. We believe that we were communicating with a intelligent Spirit and we are grateful for the experience.
At 1:34 am Megan's charged camera battery died and came back on and started to work fine 15 minutes later.

The only unusual readings we had was at 1:26am our EMF meter read a spike of 2mg in front of the bar.
We did not obtain any hard evidence on this investigation to be able to prove or disprove any of the claims of paranormal activity. We hope we may be able to return with our team and all our equipment.
Besides Scott having the opportunity see a 400lb black bear walk across the front yard. We did obtain some video that would be classified as a false/positive. We had a video camera with us that we have never used for investigating. This camera or the tape produced a flaw which we had never seen before. The video shows what seems to be a shadow person descending the staircase, including grasping the handrail and then turning to step down the last 2 steps. This shadow turned out to be Scott.
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Library Club
The Library Club and restaurant The Library Restaurant was built in the 1800's and is the oldest structure in Sapphire Valley. As you share in this charming atmosphere, we hope you relax, meet new friends and enjoy your dining experience. Our exciting "Progressive American" menu, created by Chef Sean Ruddy features fresh fish, seafood, pastas, steaks, chicken and pork, along with enticing daily specials. Open nightly @ 4:00pm. 828 743 5512
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