Kern House
Clermont, Florida
Kern House


The house was built in 1886 for Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Kern and their 2 children William and Reba. The house originally stood at 543 Montrose Street and also served as a boarding house. Mr. Kern put in the first water system and help supply water to other house from his tower in the backyard.
Duration - 10:03pm – 1:07am
Present - Scott, Sprout, Lori, Toni, Tom, Craig with historical society guests Hope, Jeff, Barbara, Mayor Hal, Bob, Bonnie, Gretchen and Louise.
Meter Readings
Temp - 76-77

Temp - 77-78
Tools -3 IR cameras
digital cameras
35mm cameras
gauss meter
tri-field meter
audio recorders
dowsing rods
mini disc
laptop (test equipment)

History of Haunting:

* There hasn’t been confirmed activity in the house except for a few stories from when the house sat on it’s original property. A neighbor living at the Montrose apartments, claimed to see lights on and hear old music playing. During this time the house had been abandoned for many years with no power to it. It is possible that teens or homeless people could have taken up residence in the home.
Members of the historical society who have worked on the home, claim to have had psychic communication with 2 spirits named Alexander and Elladora. Elladora appears to be wearing a black dress and Alexander appears to be wearing a gray waistcoat with tails. They seem to be attached to the house and can’t leave the property. Alexander said “he wanted to go on the porch but it was new and he needed a bridge to the new, so old boards were nailed underneath so he may now enjoy a stay on the porch. Both Spirits are pleased with the restoration of the house.
Personal Experiences:
* During the initial walk thru for base readings on our meters this is what occurred with Lori and Craig. Lori - As I entered the foyer, I said, "Hello Alexander my name is Lori". After I passed the door entering back into the back room close to the stairs, I felt an extreme cold chill. The pyrometer didn't register the temperature drop as I waved it over the area and around my body. I immediately went over to tell Scott and he said don't worry about it (maybe it was me). I walked up the stairs and met Craig in the office room. I was still chilled and told him. He felt my arm and said, "Yeah, you do feel cold." He then put the EMF meter up to me and it spiked up a little.
Almost everyone in the group had strange feelings in the upstairs west room.
At 10:31pm while doing a EVP session in the upstairs front room, both Barb and Hope took turns standing in the corner with the closet and both felt a feeling of suffocation.
* At 11:45pm while doing a EVP session in the upstairs front room, Bob started to breath quite loud and irregular. Sprout asked the question “what is your favorite color” and both Sprout and Gretchen heard the answer “blue” in Bobs breathing. At this point Gretchen started to talk to Bob and ask him if he was ok and Bob seemed to be in a daze. It wasn’t until Gretchen touched his arm that he seemed to snap out of his daze. After reviewing our evidence we found that even though Bob was only 8 feet away from the camera the audio of his breathing was not captured. So after reviewing all of the evidence we found at 11:01pm we captured an EVP during Bob’s breathing that says “light blue”.
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Kern House Light Blue EVP
Amplified version