Gano House
Formally the Mulberry Bed and Breakfast
Clermont, Florida
Gano House


The house was built in the 1880’s by sawmill man Archibald R. Gano. Mr. Gano had 10 sons with a granddaughter Dolores still living in town. Dolores shared with us that her grandfather hand picked the wood himself. He had to make sure the house was a strong structure.
Also according to Dolores, because of his wood working skills, he invented the tomato crate and built a crate mill on the shore of Lake Minneola.
In 1912 the house was moved several blocks to its present location and Stella Thompson turned it into a boarding house. The Thompson family lived in the home for 75 years.
In 1984 the house was turned into a bed and breakfast that also held two different French restaurants downstairs on two separate occasions.
Duration - 11:00pm to 1:50am also spent the weekend.
Present - Scott, Sprout, Lori, Toni, Tom and Sawyer(our dog).
Meter Readings
Temp - 78-80
Temp - 82-84
Tools -3 IR cameras
3 Hi-8 video cameras
digital cameras
EMF meters
tri-field meter
audio recorders
dowsing rods
mini disc

History of Haunting:

* Only reports were of uncomfortable feelings of guests and patrons of the restaurant. These people claimed to have some sensitivity to spirits. One of these guest said that there was a male spirit in an upstairs bedroom. It is said that the brother of Stella Thompson died in his sleep in a upstairs bedroom. Employees of the French restaurant would find objects out of place when they would come to work in the morning.
Personal Experiences:
* Toni, Tom and Sprout reported audibly hearing a “shush” in the same area at different times during the weekend.
Tom was in the hallway near the bathroom door and was approached by an extreme cold spot from behind. Scott and Toni then entered the hallway and both felt the cold spot as well and determine that is was moving. They begin to pursue the cold spot and it seemed to enter the room and retreat to the left corner balcony door and dissipate.
Scott psychically begins seeing an older man, balding with a scar on his chest and Scott goes upstairs speaking about a heart attack. Once upstairs Scott announces he can’t breath. Scott says he feels the heart attack victim enter the room again. At the same time Toni says she felt something move past her and brush her right cheek as it passes from right then seems to dissipate. Toni asks if there “Is anyone in the room with us and if there is, can you do something other than making it hard for Scott to breath, to show us your are here?” and at that moment the computer shuts off completely. The cause of the computer shutting down was never determined by Scott or Tom.
Cold spots kept re-occurring in upstairs room and hallway.
2 separate Hi-8 video recorders had a lot of technical difficulties the whole night, they turned off, turned on, they changed from record to standby to record again.
While Sprout was carrying Sawyer down the upstairs hallway. Sawyer started to tense up and began pressing his body into Sprout as if to stop her from going any further down the hallway. While this is happening, Sprout was also experiencing heart pain.
Scott began to feel “pin pricks” all over his arms and legs. Tom says he felt the same things earlier.
Scott asks for any messages during an EVP session and Tom follows with “you need to speak loud for us to hear you” and the computer begins to record everything in extreme fast speed. It looks like it all switches to fast forward. The audio is also sped up and I can only hear every other word.
* As a group we did have several personal experiences, but we did not obtain any recorded hard evidence. On this investigation we were not able to prove or disprove any claims of paranormal activity.