False Positives
This is our false positive page where we have collected different types of evidence under different circumstances that shows that not everything is paranormal. One interesting thing we tend to get on our evidence is what we call “Pareidolia” In other words… false/positives. Pareidolia is when a vague or random image or sound is perceived as recognizable.

It is very common to get evidence that sounds or looks like good evidence but we disprove it as being false. We are very thorough and triple check everything we get to make sure we don’t miss anything. Some of this could be lighting, camera settings, air particles, weather or something just plain logical.
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We did an investigation In Sapphire Valley North Carolina. The Library club restaurant has had many reports of paranormal activity. One of the reports is of several people seeing shadow people either on or near the stairs. The video camera we used was a panasonic that we had never used before for investigating due to the fact it didn't have the night shot feature. This camera or the tape produced a flaw which we have never seen before.
The video shows what seems to be a shadow person descending the staircase, including grasping the handrail and then turning to step down the last 2 steps. The shadow turned out to be team member Scott.
In this video you will hear what sounds like a possible EVP saying "Jesus Christ" and maybe something else rude. Read the follow up below.
In this second video you will see that it really was only someone walking down the creaky stairs.
Taking the x-mas light tour thru the woods on a dirt trail. It was approximately 40 degrees so our breath was visible. There was a good deal of moisture in the air due to the surrounding swamp. I used a flash and there was twinkling lights covering almost everything.
Looks like three figures standing in the distance. It is actually the statue and surrounding walls that is just out of the flash range.
We have also included the picture showing the statue for what it is to compare with.
In the upper left hand corner you see a reddish/orange glowing object. It is actually a dim light shining behind tree leaves. But it could easily be mistaken for something paranormal.
There is a neat Star Burst on the Left hand side of picture. For what ever reason one of the starburst was stretched out and it made the light look like it was not on.
Tom step in the way of the flash causing a shadow in the lower right corner of picture.
These were taken at the same location. Variables: Wrong shutter speed, camp fire and a TON of candles lit everywhere
Sprout is reflected in the glass, next to the arrow on the left, along with the light streaks from the flash.
We heard a story about a ghost on stairs at the Lightner museum so we had to check it out. In order to capture a glimpse of this Spirit you are supposed to take a photo through the door. As you can see in the picture, the glare of the window give off the anomaly that looks like a ghost.
We took this picture in a room at the Myrtles in Louisiana. It seems a prior guest was a bit of a prankster and wrote "Help Me" on the mirror with lip gloss. When the flash was used, it picked up the glare of the writing.
Toni said "It was dark and I put the camera over my shoulder and snapped a pic as I was coming out of the hallway. I manage to catch the IR lights from the camera at the end of the hall just right and got a pretty purple streak".
Luckily we double check all cameras and recording devices whenever we get an EVP to try and rule out man made noises. This originally was thought to be a male spirit answering Scott by saying “NO”. It turned out to be Scott just groaning when he got up from a foot that fell asleep.