Pullman train the Esperanza
Lee county historical society
09/17/05 and 09/24/05


The Esperanza is one of the longest and one of the last private Pullman rail cars built in the USA. It was built in 1929 and has had several different names and owners. It is thought that the Esperanza was the sister train to the Ferdinand Magellan. It was built identical to this car but had some extras, because it was the private car for Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

These investigations below was asked to be done by the Lee County Historical Society. It was a shared investigation by Peace River Ghost Tracker and South Florida Ghost Team . Below is information collected from 2 weekends of investigations.
Duration - 2 weekend trips
Present - on 9/24/05 Peace River Ghost Tracker: Scott, Sprout, Toni, as well as investigators in training- Stacy, Phyllis and Sawyer (the dog). South Florida Ghost Team: Shaun, Annette, Bridgette and Janet.
Meter Readings
Temp - 61 to 70
EMF - varied
Tools - 2-IR cameras
1 Hi-8 video cameras
digital cameras
35mm cameras
gauss meter
tri-field meter
audio recorders

Two weekends of collecting the history of haunted downtown Ft. Myers:

* The weekend of (9/17/05) is when we had been invited by Helena to do some research on finding local haunted downtown locations for a possible ghost tour. Present was Scott, Sprout, Toni, Janice, Shaun, Annette, Gary and Don.
We met Jackie who had activity in her apartment above the theater, we found out about the train and at this time the sensitives in the group realized that there was spirits present and it would be a good place to investigate. I witnessed Janice having camera problems in the kitchen area and others seemed to have the same problem.
* We did a preliminary investigating at the train and a downtown abandoned hotel which we would like to return to. The sensitives in the group had a lot of communication at the hotel and even I (Sprout) felt extreme dizziness (spinning) which I couldn’t explain. The sensitives said a suicide had happened in that spot.
I (Sprout) didn’t do much investigating this particular trip (9/24/05). I was observing the 2 new trainee girls and seeing if Sawyer (the dog) could pick up on any paranormal activity. What I did notice was at one point Scott, Sawyer and I were in the kitchenette area and Sawyer did get a little antsy. Prior to this we all were standing outside of the kitchen and the walkie-talkie Scott was holding started to squeal. I and Scott both witnessed bad smells in that area also.
We hope that we will be able to do more in the down town Ft. Myers area. It will help with our research and help the historical society with a possible ghost tour in the future. One way or another we will be able to learn more history of the area.
Personal Experiences:
* Note: Below are the reports of activity by our 2 new trainees. This was their first investigation and was a very good learning experience. The train was a non- threatening place and by observing us and another team they could learn many different techniques. The reports are written in their own words of what they witnessed.
Stacy’s Report: We arrived at Lee Historical Society at approximately 7:30 to 7:45pm, immediately unloaded the equipment and started setting up within about 10 feet from the entrance to the train. Scott and Stacy went aboard the train to see where we were going to set up the internal equipment. Before proceeding down the hallway we stopped in Stateroom D, where Stacy felt an instant claustrophobic, dizzy feeling. We set up two Infrared cameras, with microphones in the dining portion of the car, one on the bar to the right, and one to the left of the table on a chair. We also set up a High 8 in the kitchen area.

Stacey’s Analysis: My impression of the site is that there is some Paranormal Activity going on. I cannot see any logical reasons for the light switches to go on and off without anyone on the train. Although, I did not see or experience them, other investigators within Peace River Ghost Tracker experienced things that I did not such as smells during the investigation (It should be noted, however that upon dismantling the equipment I smelled a very sweet almost like syrupy smell in the lobby of the train car, I was told it smelled more like a sweet smelling cigar.) Others had experienced a foul smell in the kitchen and dining room, and even had the smell following some of the investigators down the hall as they were exiting the train. It should also be noted that an investigator from another team had a table “thrown” at him, in Stateroom D, while equipment was being set up. ( I did not witness this myself). The table was only 3 legged and leaning against the wall.

Phyllis’s report: My first walk thru was during the set up of each team's equipment. At first I seemed off balance but I realized that the train did not sit flat on it's track and listed to the right. The second room that I entered had a bunk bed in it and one of the girls touched the bed as she said to me who was up on the bed as she felt the bed looked like someone had sat on it. There were stains on the bedding that looked a little like blood stains but we also said it could have been rust stains. Being short I could not see the top of the bed but the one girl pulled the covers up to show me. I also noticed that the ceiling did not have water stains so if the stains were rust they were probably made at an earlier time.

While in the back I heard a loud crash and someone said a table came flying t him but there was no one there to witness the event as he was alone so I choose not to be in agreement with the event, the table was an unsturdy small table leaning against the wall. It did not have 4 legs and it was propped up against the wall and could have fallen due to so many people on the train walking around and shaking the floor.

When we went back to the kitchen area, Shaun's camera didn't work so we went into the dining room and every time she pushed the button it made a loud click and would not stay in position. Some of the equipment was placed on the table as Shaun and Anita tried to fix the camera. Anita and I went back toward the kitchen so I could take more pics of the window to see if the face was still there, Shaun stayed in the dining area, Anita stated she smelled a foul smell but to me it smelled like a (pardon my comparison) someone passed gas. Shaun said she smelled something in the dining room to so we headed back towards her, the 3 of us went back to the kitchen but left (in error) the walkie talkie on the table and just as we got into the kitchen someone paged us on the walkie talkie to ask if we moved the table cloth. We went back to get the walkie talkie and said that no we were in the kitchen. We need to check the time frame to see when the cloth had moved, when w e were in the room or after we left. We straightened the wrinkled cloth where we had laid down the equipment, to see if it move again and if the cloth would show evidence of being moved. No more activity noticed with the cloth.

* We did get some interesting audio on one of our cameras. Scott and Anita were in the dining room area when they both heard a noise which sounded like someone jingling a set of keys. In the video below you see them trying to recreate this sound by moving around.

Click on location photo to see and hear.

Jingling keys