Cultural Center Theater
Port Charlotte, Florida
Cultural Center Theater


The theater was built in 1967 and can hold over 500 people. It consists of tiered theater seating, and offers advanced sound and lighting for multimedia presentations.

See newspaper article from this investigation HERE. Thank you to both Ella and Oliver for such a professional article and artistic photos.

Thank you so much to Amanda for giving us the opportunity to investigate the theater. Your time spent observing and positive attitude was greatly appreciated. Remember to keep the Ghost light on!
Duration - 8:00pm-00:00am
Present - Scott, Sprout, as well as investigators - Stacy and Phyllis, also attending was Lori, the theater Manager Amanda and her mom Marilyn were in the background observing.
Meter Readings
Temp - 66 to 75
EMF - varied
Tools -4 IR cameras
1 Hi-8 video cameras
digital cameras
35mm cameras
gauss meter
infrared thermometers
audio recorders
dowsing rods

History of Haunting:

* We did our previous investigation with the understanding that there was no activity reported at the theater. But after getting evidence on a preliminary investigation and the last one we did, manager Amanda admitted to us that she does hear a little girl laughing and playing while she is alone in her office. Our evidence from our last investigation was the verification she needed.
Personal Experiences:
* 10:57 Lori had seen a shadow about 3 ½ feet tall cross at the bottom of the stage and appeared to sit down in a seat in front of her. At that point, we decided to place trigger items, a coloring book, a pen, a stuffed cow, and a paper boat on the stage, which was later moved to the floor of the auditorium near where she saw the shadow.
Stacy and Phyllis, were focused on the center of the auditorium trying to communicate with a little girl spirit. They were also using the digital recorder and taking photos. After about 11 minutes of sitting there, Stacy started feeling a little frightened, and a severe oppressive feeling.
This time Scott and Stacy went back to the women’s dressing room, where last time they were getting some pretty serious “feelings”. As they were sitting there Scott and Stacy both felt that oppressive feeling and both started crying at the same time. Scott stated that he felt the presence of the little girl “Veronica”, she was wearing a dress with flowers on it that buttoned down the front. He stated that she was olive colored skin or maybe dirty from playing. She had brown hair and brown eyes. Stacy started asking a series of questions such as if she liked ponytails or braids, she told Scott that she didn’t like ponytails but that she did like braids. She also stated that she liked chocolate ice cream and that she wanted a doll. After a bit the, feelings went away as quick as they came.
The next group to go in was Phyllis and Scott, they went back to the hallway outside the women’s dressing room again to try and communicate with Veronica, instead they talked to a man through the dowsing rods who was 74, who had gotten hurt while working at the theater and had sustained injuries to his ribs…. According to Amanda there was a man that had fallen and passed away later of his injuries who fits the description whose name was Jan. According to the question and answer period, both spirits seem to be happy there, they like Amanda, and they were glad that we all come to the theater. The male spirit also had no knowledge of any other spirits there (the girl).
Stacy said….”Overall the experience in the theater was amazing! I would enjoy doing that one again! I also was able to find a Holly Hobby doll for Veronica and would love to take it to her when I get it”.
* 12:32 We have video evidence of a shadow at that moves on the front right side of the stage. At this time it is under scrutiny as to whether it is a team member or spirits creating this anomaly.
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