Cultural Center Theater
Tag a Longs
Port Charlotte, Florida
3/05/09 & 3/06/09
Cultural Center Theater


The theater was built in 1967 and can hold over 500 people. It consists of tiered theater seating, and offers advanced sound and lighting for multimedia presentations.

Remember to keep the Ghost light on!
Duration -
3/5/09 5:00pm-10:00pm
3/6/09 7:00pm-12:00am
This was the first of our Tag A Long events that were held on two consecutive evenings. Both nights were individually exciting. The two evenings results will be combined in this one report.
3/5/09 Scott, Sprout, Lori and Craig.
With Tag a Long guests:
Andrew, Jerry, David, Mike, Phil and Heidi.

3/6/09 Scott, Sprout, Lori, Craig, Toni and Tom.
With Tag a Long guest: Andrew, Angela, Thomas, John, Rose, Jerry, Gayle, Jim, Edward, Jennifer, David, Mike, Dawn, Chris, Phil and Heidi
Meter Readings
Temp - 68 to 72
EMF - 1.2mg and varied
Tools -4 IR cameras
digital cameras
35mm cameras
gauss meter
tri-field meter
audio recorders

History of Haunting:

* We did our first investigation here with the understanding that there was no activity reported at the theater. Our evidence from our last two investigations show that there may be some slight paranormal activity taking place. You may read more about our past investigations by going on our investigations page.
Personal Experiences:
* We have tried to list all personal experiences everyone had by reviewing what was heard on the cameras and what was reported to us by our guest.
3/5/09 (Thursday)
Lori reported that she was with Phil in the auditorium – Phil was going down aisle one and Lori, aisle two. All of a sudden as Phil was walking down towards the stage, his ears felt a pressure drop and he felt uneasy in a certain place – later determined to be aisle "J". Lori went down the other aisle and felt the same thing – her ears got clogged and needed to pop. Phil later kept feeling it every time he went down the aisle. Lori never felt it again.

At 9:01pm – Scott saw a shadow go across the front of the stage. This was just out of camera view so nothing was captured.

3/6/09 (Friday) This night we had several psychics from STARCHILD and they shared their psychic impressions of the theater with us.
* 8:00pm - John said "As I walked in front of the stage, there was an increase in heart rate that occurred within my body which usually signifies a shift in energy that’s occurring and when that usually happens, it usually means to me is that a presence or energy is around and I feel it's on the left hand side of the stage and then moved to the back of the theater".
John then walked down the first aisle and felt a heavy feeling of sadness moving up the aisle in the front, to up towards back of auditorium. John is also a clairaudient. And when he first came in, he felt a young girl about 8-10 years old. When he was coming up the stairs, he heard, “Will you play with me.” He wants to know if they remodeled the theater and if this vision goes back to maybe the 1940’s or later.

8:06 – Dawn said that she feels tightness in her chest in aisle one between chairs B2 and B101. When she steps away, it goes away. Feels like a change in pressure.
8:08 – On stage, John’s flashlight went out – Rose tells us she has just put new batteries in it. He says, “The kid feels kind of shy.” He also feels two types of energies. Thomas chimes in and agrees, adding the other is a male. John concurs.
8:10 – John explains again that from the initial walk-thru he felt that something in the back of the theater doesn’t want us to be there.
First dressing room on right: He feels extreme dizziness, like someone passed out and wants to leave room right away.
Women’s Dressing Room: Feels light, lots of good and happy times had there.
Bathroom: John feels a slight pressure
Broom Closet: Something to do with stomach issues, but not significant at this time.
Men’s Dressing Room: He feels nothing.
Hears the word “affairs”, but not sure in what place or time.

8:15 – On stage again, it’s uncomfortable for John to go to the other back side of the stage (stage right). As he proceeds back there, he feels uncomfortable – nothing bad or really negative. His body temperature is rising and has a tingling in his left hand.
8:24 - Jan’s closet: Per John, inside room feels like a “safety zone”, outside of room about 4-5 steps from door, he gets a feeling that we are not supposed to enter the room, yet inside the room feels normal. Then John, Rose, and Jennifer hear audibly, “Come down here.”
Piano room: John hears in his mind the song “The Entertainer.” He believes it to be symbolic of something, more than the actual song.
Outside the room, Jennifer said "that while she was holding the pyrometer out above her waist and going down the first aisle, she felt a slight tap on the end of it (like something hit it) by second row B".

9:32 – John states that he feels a male energy and the music goes around him. Dizziness comes with that. We hear two response sounds to Sprout’s questions. Later Craig hears it and says, “What’s that a sensor?”
9:40 – All of us go up into the loft. John feels like the individual there was a worker or did something with props, music not his main thing. Sprout feels like she hears music real far away, not sure what it is. Sprout asks for anything to make a loud noise. She and John hear something from the back maintenance area where we just left.
9:46 – All of the group was on the stage near the ball. Sprout sees something wander towards the dressing rooms and others in group heard a girl giggle. Rose, who is a teacher, leads the EVP session. We try to have the girl move the ball. John says he heard a young voice say, “I like the doll,” in response to “Do you like the ball?.” Note: PRGT left a doll for the young Spirit after our first investigation.
9:52 – Lori and Sprout see the ball move slightly. John feels pressure around his head, possibly a spirit with a head injury. Rose feels that the girl fell off the stage and her mother and brother were watching. John adds, “She feels happy to me.”
9:55 – Rose sees ball moving. John sees the aura around the ball getting brighter. Sprout also sees energy around the ball. 
Lori - While half of everyone present is in the back in Jan’s area, some of us are sitting in the theater and other’s on stage. I say that I hear singing (a girl) and then Thomas says that he hears it too. 
* Possibly due to the structure of these 2 investigations, any possible evidence we gathered can not be absolutely deemed paranormal. The large number of people present attributed to the excessive amount of ambient sounds. In turn we have no hard evidence to report on these investigations.