Cultural Center Theater
Port Charlotte, Florida
Cultural Center Theater


The theater was built in 1967 and can hold over 500 people. It consists of tiered theater seating, and offers advanced sound and lighting for multimedia presentations.

See newspaper article from this investigation HERE. Thank you to both Ella and Oliver for such a professional article and artistic photos.

Thank you so much to Amanda for giving us the opportunity to investigate the theater. Your time spent observing and positive attitude was greatly appreciated. Remember to keep the Ghost light on!
Duration - 9:50pm to 1:20am
Present - Scott, Sprout, Toni, Stacy and Phyllis. With guests Amanda (theater manager), her Mom Marilyn, Ella and Oliver from the Charlotte Sun Newspaper.
Meter Readings
Temp - 66 to 75
EMF - .50
Tools -4 IR cameras
1 Hi-8 video cameras
digital cameras
infrared thermometer
gauss meter
audio recorders
dowsing rods

History of Haunting:

* no known spirit activity has taken place here. We felt it would be a non threatening place for our new members and the press to attend. We thought because theaters are normally known for paranormal activity and because of all the emotions left behind that we would see if we could come up with anything.
Personal Experiences:
* On 10/18/05 we started the investigation with video cameras showing a combination of dust and possible orb activity. Phyllis noticed she had some strange feeling by one of the exit doors and did get a couple of pictures over Amanda and Madelyn while dowsing rods where in use.
Stacy noticed in the woman’s dressing room a static sound and a heavy feeling in which she then removed herself from the area.
Toni and Sprout went up to the loft area in which they both felt a funny feeling as if we where walking on trampoline. Toni picked up on a spirit that she thought to be drunk.
* Several of us also smelled what we thought to be cedar.

* Scott and I (Sprout) did a preliminary investigation a few days prior to get a layout of the place and for comparison photos. During this time we got a EVP of a man saying “Michael” but we feel it was not audible enough to use.

* Possible voice of a man saying “Hi Christina”
Click on location photo to hear.

Hi Christina
A small child saying “Hi” as Scott walked onto the stage.
Click on location photo to hear.