Brookdale Lodge and Restaurant
Brookdale Lodge


The original lodge was built in 1890 by Judge J.H. Logan at the site of the Grover lumber mill. In the early 1920's, Dr. F.K. Camp built the beautiful dining room with the natural brook running through it. A feature in Ripley's Believe It or Not served to make the Brookdale Lodge world famous. Throughout the years, the Brookdale Lodge has hosted a number of notable guests: movie stars, music celebrities and a U.S. President.
Duration - overnight
Present - Stacy, husband Chad, and sister in law Jamie C., the Night Manager Dennis and his assistant Stuart.
Tools -35mm cameras
IR thermometer
Audio recorders
Cell sensor meter
Dowsing rods

Stacy's Report:

* Brook Room
We arrived at the Brookdale Lodge at approximately 6:45pm, we began the mini investigation of the Brook Room Restaurant about 8:15pm, and stayed in there for about 20 minutes. The lights in the Brook Room remained off while we did our investigation…what we could see was a beautiful setting the restaurant was multi-level with the Brook running right through the middle with tables and chairs almost right on top of the Brook. Initially, there was no sightings or unexplained happenings, the only things that did happen was that we all has an uncomfortable feeling as we walked closer to the Brook from the stairs on the right and some drastic temperature changes… (that could be attributed to the Brook)

After we examined the Brook Room we went to the Mermaid room, that too was a beautiful room, although it did need some work. We did not experience any happenings at all in that room.

* Hotel Rooms
Stuart then took us to Room number 46, where a man was murdered and that room is incredibly haunted. According to Dennis that room had not had much activity in the last couple of years, while we were in there there was an immediate feeling that we were not alone.
My sister in law refused to sit on the bed as she felt that there was someone sitting on the bed… I used the dowsing rods to find out, I asked the rods to point to the closest spirit energy in the room and sure enough it pointed to the bed….at almost that same moment, Stuart had shut the outside door and the bed skirt moved quite significantly…. I asked Stuart to open and shut the door several more times, but could not recreate that movement. According to the rods, it was a male energy that was killed in that room by a woman. Unfortunately, there were no records available to prove or disprove my findings. After room 46 we went into the bar on site where Dennis was taking care of customers and decided to sit and have a drink…. Chad needed to use the restroom and went by himself…. There was not a soul in that restroom but him, he was standing at the urinal and he heard a toilet flush, Chad checked all the stalls and there was no one there…. After this happened, we told Dennis who then stated that there was always activity like the hand dryers going off by themselves and toilet flushing. Now that we were extremely tired, we went to our room #28…. During the night I heard several things happen that were unexplainable, I had a plastic grocery bag in the bathroom which I heard rustling around several times, and empty soda cans in the sink which I heard being picked up then set down all night….. As I checked out the next morning I told the manager what I had witnessed, she explained that they had always had activity in that room. All in all, I think the Brookdale Lodge is most extraordinary, and in a beautiful setting in the Santa Cruz mountains….. I would love to go back and spend more time…. Also, Stuart had mentioned that the property across the street from the Brookdale Lodge was also at one time owned by the Brookdale Lodge, and a lot of the homes there also have activity.
Also, at one time there was an underground tunnel that went from the Lodge across the street to the homes that I mentioned above, apparently was used as a Brothel…..the mermaid room was used as a bar for men, and there was a swimming pool that had a glass window into the mermaid room…. Women dressed as mermaids would swim around with numbers on them, and the men would choose a number…..the men would then use the underground tunnel (there was a hidden staircase in the mermaid room in the fireplace) that they would use to sneak over to the brothel where the woman that they had chosen would be waiting for them.
* This photo was taken from the top of the bridge looking down at the tables along the brook. It appears to be a black man that is balding. It is thought that he could have been one of the past band members.