Bailey House/Lamb House
Arcadia, Florida
Bailey House/Lamb House


George and Georgia Lamb moved to Arcadia shortly after the 1905 Thanksgiving day fire. Mr. Lamb built the house in 1908 and ran his lumber mill office right out of one of the downstairs rooms.

8 of their 13 children were born in the home and 1 bathroom served 9 people.

The house remained unfinished until 1940, when Georgia rented out rooms to the wives of flying cadets, in training, at Carlstrom and Dorr fields.

The Bailey family moved in 2 months before hurricane Charley and had damage from the following hurricane Jeanne, in the ceiling and walls upstairs.
Duration - 3 separate visits
Present - Scott, Sprout and Toni
Meter Readings
Temp - 80 to 84
EMF - .02mg-.05mg and spikes as high as
Tools - 2 Hi-8 video cameras
digital cameras
gauss meter
tri-field meter
audio recorders
dowsing rods
mini disc

History of Haunting:

* When they took insurance photos after the hurricane they had many with mist and shadows in them.
The oldest son (19yrs) has heard the sound of footsteps.
The youngest son (6yrs) met a couple of imaginary friends and a few were not nice. The sons personality changed for the worse also. This continued until a Christian Shaman came to bless the home. She laid her hands on the child and the Mom caught him as he went limp. The Mom felt something release in the child and shoot through her causing her chest pain that exited out her back.
A psychomantium was said to once exist in the upstairs bedroom that was once used as a nursery. A psychomantium is also called mirror gazing. It's a specially designed mirrored room, specially set up to communicate with the spiritual realm. The owners daughter had also been accidently locked in this room and there was no reason she couldn't get the door open. When she was let out the door opened just fine.
A neighbor had said that on a past visit to the home before the present owners had lived there, he had a frightening experience and will not set foot in the home again. He said that he was walking up the staircase and was grabbed by the ankle and held. When he was released he saw a partial apparition of a childs leg, sock and shoe. It turned and went back up the stairs.
The youngest son has refused to sleep in his room. He claim that there are hundreds of Spirits coming out of his closet. He claims that the most common Spirits to visit are past owners of the home and a little girl named Eva. He also claims to have very bad nightmares which consist of Vampire demon dogs with no skin.
* The owner Dawn has seen a tall dark figure of a man.
Dawn had been by herself in the foyer and heard her youngest sons bedroom door slam repeatedly.
Hearing doors being slammed, has happened more than once.
Dawn and her son were sitting in the living room and saw a dark shadow move back and forth across the doorway in the hall. Right after that they heard silverware being moved in the kitchen.
Dawn woke up with a hand print on her thigh which disappeared about 4 hours later when she returned from church.
Dawn has been thumped on the forehead while sitting down.
Dawn has heard voices and sometimes she can make them out. They seem to be giving a warning.
Light bulbs have been known to unscrew themselves.
About 2 weeks after our last visit, we received a phone call from the owner Bill. Bill had not experienced anything in the home until this evening. He said the family was up late watching TV and about 1:30am they all heard a loud crash come from upstairs. Bill went to investigate and first found a wicker basket placed in the middle of the staircase. In the bathroom he found that their antique window they had on display on a shelf had fell down and was propped up against the toilet. How it got in this position and not breaking is still a mystery.
About an hour later Bill took the dogs out back for a potty break and when he came back in the family room he found 2 family portraits propped up on the couch. He went and told his wife Dawn and when she turned on the hall light they found 5 more family portraits down. One in the kitchen, two on the hall floor and 2 on the hallway church pew. All of these photos where propped up.
Personal Experiences:
* We learned a lot from this investigation...The youngest son had just completed his vacation bible camp, when he woke up in the morning chanting "sacrifice them, sacrifice them". We gave him a hematite stone for protection and then Mom gave the boy a hematite cross necklace to wear. The boy complained that the necklace hurt and ripped it off. This disturbed all of us and it looked to us like possibly something negative was in play. We then learned that some people are highly sensitive to magnetite which is sometimes substituted for hematite because it's cheaper. We then gave the boy a blessed cross to wear and he feels much better.
The family has some restaurant kitchen appliances which put off high EMF as high as The youngest boys closet also read as high as We all did feel a little nauseous at some point in our visits to the home. This could be due to the high EMF.
Scott had a feeling while he was walking from the kitchen to the dining room. It felt as if someone went through him and was trying to push him back.
* We believe the family was experiencing something strange in their home so we did a very extensive cleansing which included Catholic, Native American and Wiccan. The Wiccan ceremony was preformed due to the fact that there is several practitioners of Wicca in the neighborhood.
We did not obtain any audio or video evidence from this investigation. Toni did capture a great mist shot which is common at this home.
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