Bachelors Grove
In September of 2002 we happened to be in Illinois and knew we just needed to go to one of the most haunted cemeteries in Illinois if not the U.S. We went to Bachelors grove. I did my research on the happenings there and the directions. We arrived just before dusk at the wildlife reserve parking lot across the street from the entrance and proceeded down the path. It was a bit overgrown and the pond in back was green. At one point we were up near the front gates when we heard someone’s footsteps walking down the path to the cemetery. We waited but no one showed up. I went over and looked down the path and didn’t see anyone. So basically we were excited that we experienced that. When we left and proceeded down the path it felt as if the darkness followed us out. Then waiting for us in the parking lot was a cop. Yes we got a $25.00 parking ticket for being there after dusk, but we had a great experience! We didn't get any hard evidence but had a personal experience which was great for our short time we spent there.
Bachelors Grove Gates
Bachelors Grove Tree
The Gates
Bright orb