Arcadia Opera House and undisclosed location
Arcadia, Florida
6-18-10 & 6-19-10
Peace River Ghost Tracker secured two locations for this two-night Tag-a-long. One of the locations cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality.
We had a great turn out with most participants having a personal experience.
opera house


The building, which is now the Opera House Antique Mall and Museum, was built in 1906 by John J. Heard. The auditorium was used for many things including: churches, dances, traveling shows, agricultural storage, political meetings, movie theater and the local USO. It was also used for graduation ceremonies, black face comedians, vaudeville, silent movies and talkies. The rooms upstairs that surround the theater were rented out to help business owners get back on their feet. Also, it was used to continue to supply services to the residents of the county for their businesses that were lost in the 1905 fire. The building’s first floor, originally housed Heard's Florida Loan and Trust Company, which became the Dozier's Department store, and later Eaton's Department Store. Presently Isabelle's antique store is there.
Duration - 7:00pm-1:00am
Attendees - On 6-18-10-David, Rebecca, Donna, Linda, Peter, Doni, James, Amy Eddie, Jim, John, Cathy, Tracy, Dina, Dawn, Amy, Sandy Mikey, Scott, Sprout, Toni, Tom, Lori and Craig
On 6-19-10-Scott, Sprout, Lori, Toni, Tom, Craig, Mikey, Kay, Tim, Michele, Jim, Ariel, David, Rebecca, Lisa, Joe, Jerry, Shirley, Kristi, Brian
Meter Readings
Temp - - 84 to 88
EMF - .02mg
Tools -4 IR cameras
many video cameras
digital cameras
thermal camera
gauss meter
tri-field meter
audio recorders
mini disk recorder
dowsing rods

History of Haunting:

All previous history of hauntings can be found HERE on our last investigation’s report. HERE on our past report of our last investigation.
Personal Experiences:
* 8:54pm - Batteries went dead in the pyrometer.
8:50pm - There was a cold spot in front of the stage.
9:00pm - A cold spot was felt at the center of the stage.
9:00pm - Toni was sitting at base and heard a sigh in the room, followed by the jingling of keys.
9:41pm - Footsteps were heard near the front of the stage.
9:45pm - Dawn felt a cool breeze go by her.
10:00pm - Eddie said his K-2 meter went off when he asked if anyone was there.
10:50pm - While sitting alone at base Lori hears knocking near her.
Toni and Lori both heard knocking and thumping sounds near them at base.
9:05pm-This camera is located on the stage. We hear the voice of a boy saying " ".
opera house

2nd Location History:

We can't discuss the location due to the pending sale of the building. We can share that it's a 2 story building that once was used for medical offices.

History of Haunting

At that present time there was no history of haunting at this location.
Personal Experiences:
Periodical spikes from EMF meters.
7:48pm - David reported that freezing water landed on his shoe.
8:55pm - All 5 people in Tom’s group smelled fire.
9:29pm - K-2 meter spiked when Scott left the room. At the same time the batteries died in the pyrometer. A short time later, the power on the pyrometer came back on.
9:49pm - Chris walked into a cold spot and then his flashlight went on then off.
10:17pm - While walking into one of the rooms, the K-2 spiked: then Shirley felt air on her legs. Then, whole group smelled what they thought to be maple syrup.
10:37pm - Several people smelled coffee.
* 11:47pm- We had a Spirit communication session by using a flashlight. We had asked the Spirit to turn on or off the flashlight and it responded to our requests. This is the first time we ever have had this technique work.