Private Residence
Apopka, Florida
 10/4/09 and 3/6/10
Apopka Home


Two people, a husband and wife, live in this home which they built 30 years ago and raised 5 children. The activity in the home has been directed toward the female residence, while the male having only one or two experiences.
Duration - 5 hours per visit
Present - varied members
Meter Readings
Temp - 77 degrees
EMF - varied
Tools -3 IR cameras
2 video cameras
digital cameras
thermal camera
gauss meter
tri-field meter
audio recorders
mini disk recorder
dowsing rods

History of Haunting:

* The female claims that a dark cloud would hover over her while in bed and then fall on her.
The female has seen the white ceilings in her home turn to pink or green.
She has seen a green ball roll across the ceiling then drop.
They moved to the guest bedroom and the female said the ceiling would have a brown wave go across it.
Walls would look like lacey curtains.
On vacation, the female said that all the bathroom fixtures of the hotel room turned pink.
In bedroom she has seen a small animal with warts scamper across the ceiling and then sit on top of the drapes.
Personal Experiences
* We started our research by speaking with her local priest, who had already visited the home. We asked for him to make a second trip to the home, which he did, but she still had no relief from the activity. After this, we came to the home for our first investigation.

After examining her oxygen machine, we sugguested that it be serviced due to the high EMF readings it was producing (90mg). We felt that a combination of high EMF and the long amount of time between her meals, while on blood pressure medicine could be a possible cause of the "activity".

Prior to our second investigation, she had several more doctor appointments, including a basic eye exam. While at our investigation, we noticed that she seemed to display symptoms of visual impairment. We had her complete the online Amsler grid test for macular degeneration. She did not pass.
* We did not capture any hard evidence. We came to the conclusion that the combination of her medication and health issues are the cause of her visual anomalies and thus, not paranormal.