Annie Russell Theater and Knowles Memorial Church Rollins College- Winter Park, FL
Annie Russell Theater Knowles Memorial Church


In 1883 by the age of 19 Annie Russell was the darling of both British and American stages. She retired to Winter Park in 1918 and by the urging of her good friend Mary Curtis Bok Zimbalist convinced her to become involved in the nascent dramatic arts program at Rollins College.
The most beautiful architectural structures in Central Florida, the Annie Russell Theatre was built in 1931.
The "Annie" serves as the heart of the oldest theatre program in Florida and one of the most prestigious in America.. In 1998, the National Parks Service named the theater to the National Register of Historic Places in recognition of its architecture and its role in education and the performing arts.
Duration - 8:30pm-4:00am
Present - Scott, Sprout, Lori, Toni and Tom
Meter Readings
Temp - 67 to 71
Tools -4 IR cameras
3 Hi-8 video cameras
digital cameras
35mm cameras
gauss meter
tri-field meter
audio recorders

History of Haunting: Below is additional information we received since the last investigation. Click on link for the report from our first investigation at the theater. Annie Russell report.

Adam explained to us strange occurrences within the theater that he had witnessed.

* Adam was in the theater trying to find out why a bunch of freshmen were leaving when they weren’t supposed to. Dr. Nassif had told Adam to go and find out where they were all going and to bring them back in. While doing so the center lobby doors began shaking violently. Adam at first thought it must be some of the freshmen, he then walked out to the front of the theater to find out who was doing that and to ask them to stop. There was no one there. Adam began to think it was some freshmen playing a prank and walked back inside the theater. No sooner had he stepped back into the theater, that the doors began to shake again. He walked out again to check to see who was doing that, again no one was there. This happened a total of 3 times, and each time there wasn’t anyone around. On a side note, the center door does not have door handles.
A Professor who happened to be in a hurry had quickly taken a shower in the upstairs shower, when he was done he was barefoot; before he was able to run down the stairs he felt something stop him, as if to say quit running or you will fall down the stairs. It has been reported by Adam that someone had died on that staircase doing the exact same thing.
Personal Experiences:
* In the chapel cold spots were felt and also the sound of whispering near the pulpit. In the theater several people had seen movement, either physically or on the monitor, but during review nothing was captured at those moments.
In the theater movement was seen on the stage, both lobby staircases, and reflected in a mirror. Footsteps were heard in the back hall and stage. But again, no evidence to back this up. We also had a tri-field meter sitting on the arm rest of “Annie’s chair”, the meter registered every 11 ½ minutes meaning that some sort of power surge goes through the isle/seat lights.
* 2:55am While Scott and Stacy were standing behind “Annie’s chair”, Stacy made the comment “Annie if you don’t sit down we’ll give your seat away” several seconds after that you hear a voice say “No”. We are still unsure of this possible EVP.
Click on location photo to hear.
Annie Sit Evp
* 2:56am We also captured on video an orb that almost seems to respond to a direct statement of “Hey we’re over here”. This could just be a coincidence but we wanted to share it for others to get their opinions.
Click on location photo to see the video.
Annie Orb Video
* The interesting thing about the videos is that the two captures are less the one minute apart. Perhaps there is more to this than coincidence.