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What we do:
We try to prove the existence of ghosts. Peace River Ghost Tracker is a paranormal investigation team that goes out to any site that has reports of paranormal or unexplained activity that may be associated with spirits. We look to the natural and the logical to find out the possible causes. We document everything while we are on site by using film, video, recording devices and paper. We do not jump to conclusions to justify our findings. We have a long process to rule out any other possible explanations to what is being heard or seen. We also research the area and the history of the place being investigated which is very important.

Everyone in the field of paranormal research knows that this a ongoing learning experience. We are open minded to new methods and theories and the main goal is to learn more about spirit and the proof that they exist.

If you feel like you are experiencing paranormal activity in your home, business etc, we would like to help. When most people start experiencing things they don’t understand they are afraid to discuss it. They may think people will call them crazy. We will be more than happy to come out and investigate and to put your mind at ease with education and understanding. We hope to come to a resolution for both the homeowner and Spirit to be able to cohabitate peacefully. We do not try to exorcize the spirits but if the need arises we will get you the help you need. There is no charge for our help or investigations, but we will accept any donations to help pay for equipment, gas and recording media.

We have learned that a simple validation of a spirit making contact with a loved one, can help with the grieving process and bring peace. PRGT has seen this through instruction of EVP work and teaching about what the signs of paranormal activity might mean.
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Who we are:
We are a very professional minded and experienced paranormal investigation group in South West Florida. We were one of the first groups in Florida when we started in 2000. We read books, and studied many ideas before we went on our first investigation.
We share all of our evidence of paranormal activity including ghost photos, ghost video’s and EVP’s which are ghost voices.

Our main goal is to help people understand and possibly co-habitate with what we cannot see. We are as thorough as humanly possible with our evidence.

We are here to help... 
As our motto states-When we have an experience we learn all we can from it and then teach to all.
The Tools:
In our studies the tools we use are digital and 35mm cameras,9 Sony infrared night vision cameras (5-84leds, 1-48leds, 1-56leds, 1-32leds, 4-24leds) with 3 DVMR systems, 4 Sony Hi-8 video cameras with nightshot, thermal imaging camera, video walkman, tape recorders, digital tape less recorders, mini disk recorder, pyrometer, 6 types of EMF meters and non contact infrared digital thermometers.  We have also been known to use dowsing rods and compasses.
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All investigations are funded by our team members. This out of pocket expense can be difficult when new equipment is needed or when something breaks. Monetary help is most needed especially when we need to travel to help someone.

Items we can always use are: Video cameras, tripods, batteries, flashlights, laptop computers, extension cords, pre paid gas gift cards, prepaid Home depots gift cards and any other items that may be beneficial to our group. Please contact us if you are able to donate any of these items to us. Any and all donations are always greatly appreciated.

All money donations can be made by clicking on the donate button.