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Peace River Ghost Tracker is based out of Port Charlotte Florida with team members throughout South West Florida and Central Florida. We were one of the first ghost hunting groups in Florida when we started in 2000. We are very professional minded and experienced in our paranormal investigations. We first look to the natural and the logical to find out the possible explanations of the possible causes of activity. We also research the area and the history of the place being investigated which is very important. During the whole process we have complete respect for the living and for those who have passed. Read more by going to our About us page.
Being a Florida ghost team we can work all year long and we always have many exciting events planned. This includes our continued investigations, Tag a Longs and continued support of our community.

Also for anyone who would be interested in future Tag A Longs contact us and we will put you on the list.

We always welcome donations of any kind. E-mail us if you have something to donate. Our Paypal button is located on our "About Us" page.
Peace River Ghost Tracker is proud to announce that we appeared on an episode of A&E’s “My Ghost Story Caught on camera”. The episode aired November 2nd 2012 on the Biography channel. Our episode segment will be a first for “My Ghost Story”. It will be showing two different teams investigating at the Arcadia Opera House which is currently an antique mall.
The teams are PRGT and SWFPR and we will be showing how we both did independent investigations but captured similar evidence or had personal experiences in the same place.
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Contact us at our E-mail: peaceriverghosttracker@comcast.net
Our Facebook has become a fun place for all our friends and fans to come together with Florida Ghost stories, questions and humor. Stop on by and share, learn or just have a good time.

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